Brandwagon, The Marketing Club at IIFT

Brandwagon, The Marketing Club at IIFT

Rising on the wings of creativity, IIFT looks to explore new avenues in the ever- pulsating field of marketing.

Brandwagon, the marketing club at IIFT, one of the most active clubs in the B-school circuit, serves as a breeding ground of tomorrow’s doyens in the field of Sales and Marketing. It aims to impart holistic and field-based knowledge through the many activities that it conducts year round. These include the Annual National Marketing Summit, Headstart guest lecture series, live projects, workshops, intra and inter college competitions, a monthly marketing magazine ‘Markmantra’, and a dedicated Market Research Cell.

Our Vision and Mission:
  • To challenge individuals to move beyond jargon and clichéd theory and explore the real world of marketing.
  • To provide a platform for IIFTians to express their creativity, use their acumen in industry analysis, and invest time and effort in live projects and several such activities.
  • To help in updating members’ knowledge of marketing by keeping abreast with the latest in the marketing world.

Activities and Developments
  • Knowledge Transfer Sessions -the Marketing Gyan Sessions for the first years to kick start their marketing journey
    We start with ABC of Marketing: 4Ps, STP, Integrated Marketing Communication, which complements well with the academic curriculum and summer interview preparation and then delve deeper into insights and latest developments in the marketing sector to broaden the perspectives by showcasing various examples and brand stories!
  • The National Marketing Summit
    This annually held summit provides immense opportunities to interact with key people from the industry and professionals, allowing the students to understand, explore and link the theoretical with the practical. Each summit has a theme association around which the industry people deliver their lectures and key insights and interact with the students hereby challenging them to apply their theoretical knowledge to a ‘hands on’ situation or case.
  • Pens out Marketing Magic in MARKMANTRA
    We are responsible for publishing a monthly magazine called ‘MARKMANTRA’, a repository of student ideas and thoughts on topics related to marketing. The magazine has recently incorporated, a separate section called the corporate corner where a distinguished personality from the corporate world opinionated the views in this field
  • The Life in Marketing lived via Live Projects
    We encourage and get students various opportunities to participate in Live-Projects in the domains of sales, marketing and market research that enrich their exposure to marketing in the "real world”.
  • Who is the Marketing Wizard at IIFT? We find out by our Intra-Club Competitions We provide valuable team-play and leadership opportunities to students and make them participate and contribute to its various events. Competitions and Assignments are given to the members for the twin objective of learning and implementing the basic marketing knowledge.

Following are the competitions conducted previously by BrandWagon.-
  • STP 4P Analysis of an assigned item in a group
  • 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing: Each group was assigned a law for which they have to present examples exhibiting its success and failure in real world.
  • Kayakalp: A Rebranding competition in which each group was given a product and the group had to execute a rebranding strategy for it.
The Helping Hand in Corporate Competitions

We assist, help and encourage members in taking part and winning the corporate level competitions conducted by various companies. In a nutshell, we are the one-stop-club for any sort of help and advice for the marketing competitions. We also act as a liaison between marketing professors and students for any kind of guidance and aid. We at the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, realize the importance of practical learning along with the academic knowledge that we gain. Analyzing, assessing, and hence innovating in the industry is the need of the hour. As managers, this is what we hope to do – finding practical and feasible solutions to real life business problems in this fast paced, competitive world.

At IIFT, we strive to provide the right environment for the best marketing minds from across the country to converge and pit their skills against each another.

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