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Name : Dr. Tamanna Chaturvedi

Function : Consultant at the level of Assistant Professor

Email : tchaturvedi@iift.edu


MSc (Agril. Economics from G.B.P.UA&T, Pantnagar Trainee Academic Associate from IIM-A

Areas of Interest / Specialization

WTO and Trade Policy issues,Economics (Agriculture).

Work Experience

a) Research

1. Research Fellow at IIFT (May 2001- March 2006)

Research Projects undertaken:

Research Project for Planning Commission, Govt. Of India (since August 2005)

  1. Analysis of Import surges in select Agricultural Commodities

  2. SPS/TBT type of barriers to trade faced by Indian Food Products Exporters.

Research Project for Ministry of Food Processing Industries (2003-05)

  1. On going negotiations on Agreement on Agriculture

  2. Measures for fair protection and promotion of Indian Food processing sector

  3. Measures to be taken to meet the global challenges in Food Processing Sector

Research Project for Ministry of Agriculture (2001-02) :

   On going negotiations on Agreement on Agriculture:

   Research Project for UP Export Promotion Bureau

   Study on “Preparation of WTO compatible schemes for the state of Uttar Pradesh”(2002-03)

2. Academic Associate at IIM Ahmedabad (with Centre for Management in Agriculture) (Jan 2000-April 2001)

  Research Projects undertaken: "Competitiveness of Indian Agriculture" and “Impact of WTO on Indian Agriculture”

3. Research Investigator at the National Centre for Agricultural Economics and Policy Research (NCAP), Pusa Institute, N. Delhi(April 99 to Dec 99)

  Research Projects undertaken:  “Equity driven trade and marketing policies for improved performance of Indian agriculture”

b) Programme Director of an International workshop under the aegis of the Colombo Secretariat, Srilanka on Geneva framework under WTO.

c) Program Co-ordinator & content developer for Centre for SME studies at IIFT.

d) Administrative

Program Associate for on-campus Executive masters for International Business (2003-05). Till March 2005.

Program Associate for online Executive Masters for International Business (VSAT) (2004-06). till October 2004

Program Associate for MBA [IB] 2002-04 till  July 2003.

Program Associate for MBA [IB] 2003-05 till July 2003.


9 publications in reputed Indian Journals and 2 books (to be published)

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Professional / Academic Affiliations

Visiting Faculty at College of Agri Business Management, Pantnagar.