About Us

Name : Dr. O.P. Wali

Function : Consultant at the level of Professor

Email : opwali@iift.edu


1988-90          Masters in Rural Management from Institute of Rural Management, Anand (IRMA),  Gujrat, India

2005- 2008     PhD  from JMI Central University, Delhi, India- E-Learning for Corporate Training in India

2007               Managing Global Governance (MGG) from German development Institute, Bonn (DIE) and Inwent.

Areas of Interest / Specialization

Technology and Innovation Management,  IT Governance, Online Commerce and Data Science.

Work Experience

Total Experience : 28 years

With Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Delhi since 2001.  Heading Centre for International Trade in Technology(CITT) since 2013. More than  27 years of experience in corporate and academics , played a prominent role in marketing of rural produce and processed products in terminal markets and productivity enhancement program of Mother Dairy F & V Project, Delhi, a unit of National Dairy Development Board, India(NDDB). Rolled out first online management degree program initiative of Indira Gandhi National Open University, India (IGNOU) and initiated online learning extension for IIFT programs across the country. Worked on ICT policy issues pertaining to education sector in developing countries at UNESCO, Paris in 2007 as a visiting scholar. Policy research and consultancy  in the domains of technology, textiles, organisational transformation and  trade facilitation.


Sponsored Research Projects

1.             “Exploratory study on linkages between technology and trade” sponsored by Department of Science and Technology 2017- Co-Investigator   

2.         “Emerging  and Contemporary R&D and Innovation Indicators in National S&T System and Policy Implications- A Comprehensive Study”  sponsored by Department of Science and Technology  2015-2017 to develop a performance evaluation system/measure for National R&D system/activities to develop a comprehensive model for assessment of scientific innovation activities. Co-Principal Investigator 

3.         “Study of Coir Fibre Scarcity” sponsored by Coir Board, Cochin.

Deliverable: Estimation of the potential for production of coir fibre in India .Estimation of  optimum level of utilization of coconut husk for coir industry in the country with State/UT wise breakup  and  annual production of coir fibre in India. 206-17 Co-Investigator,


4.         “Study of Cluster Sustainability in Handicraft Sector under AHVY Scheme”,   project   sponsored by Handicrafts Department, Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India. Deliverable: 250 Cluster Reports, One comprehensive report, Sustainability index of the 275 handicraft clusters which covered   around 75000 artisan spread across India. Developed validated instrument with effective parameters to assess the socio-economic health of the beneficiaries within clusters grouped as Self Help Groups.2011-2013   Project Head   

5.         “Study of Coir Products Market Potential in European Countries”, a research project sponsored by Coir Board India. Deliverable: Assessment of  the market size, characteristics, trends, development and changes..2008-9   Co-Investigator  

Consultancy   Projects

1.         Assisting DGS&D in its Digital Transformation to Government E- Marketplace (GeM) sponsored by DGS&D , Ministry of Commerce   2016-2017 

2.         Developed   EDI Manual for FICCI   through (n) Node Solutions (Unit of GNFC) Govt. of Gujrat 

3.         Technical Consultant 2013- Development of comprehensive web based process aligned database of import policies for exporters of SAARC countries sponsored by Ministry of Commerce 2012-13

4.         Handicraft Portal of DCH Handicrafts. Showcase Indian handicraft products, development processes and product developers. First large-scale initiative by Ministry of Textiles to use online platform to promote India handicrafts and artisans. Launch platform in the International Trade Fair at Pragati Maidan New Delhi in October 2004. 


1. “Information Technology For Management: Advancing Sustainable, Profitable Business Growth”   Turban, Volonino, Wood

Indian Adaptation of 10th Edition by  O..P.Wali   Published by Wiley (2015)

Chapters in Books

1.         Data Management, Sharing and Services: Issues of Attitude Towards Data Citation and Role of Data Stakeholders  (Chapter 21)  in Book Data Management, Sharing and Services: Issues of Attitude Towards Data Citation and Role of Data Stakeholder  (in production for roll out  in next month)   Publisher :Springer

2.         E-Business Application in International Business – Opportunities and Challenges UNIT-18   for Course on International Business for Management Discipline , IGNOU (2010)

3.         Operating in a Borderless World- Evolving Issues (Double taxation , Transfer Pricing, IPR ,Technology Transfer, Knowledge Management) UNIT-19 for Course on International Business for Management Discipline , IGNOU (2010)

Journal Publications

1.         "Utilization and factors of non-utilization of export incentives: a cross sectional empirical study of Indian exporters." Journal of Asia Business Studies -just-accepted -2017 (Co-Authored)

2.         “Competency Development in Technology Management for Enhancing Competitiveness” AIMA Journal of Management and Research November 2017   Volume:11  Issue:4

3.         " Six Decades of Indian Auto Component industry: Perspectives, Problems and Prospects"  Global Journal of Engineering research and Technology ( GJERT), Volume 7, Number 1,January- June 2017 ( Co-Authored)

4.         "Perceived significance of information security governance to predict the information security service quality in software service industry: An empirical analysis." Information Management & Computer Security 22.1 (2014): 2-23. (Emerald) 2017 (Co-Authored)


5.         “An empirical analysis of perceived significance of information security service quality to predict the organisational performance in software service industry” CSI Transactions on ICT July 2013 (Springer) 2017 ( Co-Authored)

6.         “Online Higher Education in an Advanced Emerging Economy: Issues and Challenges”, Journal of International Education and Business, Vol. 1, No. 2., 47-64.2010  ( Co-Authored)

7.         "Management Lessons from Indian Epics in Context to Theory Z" Journal of Human Values 16:1 (2010): 57-70 (Sage Publications) ( Co-Authored)

8.         "Retailers Behaviour towards Salience of Mature Product Brands – An Empirical Study on a Major Cola Brand in a Developing Economy" IIMS Journal of  Management Science Vol-2 July-Dec 2010 ( Co-Authored)

Case Studies

1.         “Technology Management- A Driver of Competitiveness: A Case Study of RANE TRW Steering Systems, Chennai” International Journal of Economics and Management Strategy (JEMS) ISSN 2278-3636. Volume 5, Number 1 (2015), pp. 16 – 39 2017 ( Co-Authored)

2.         “Role of Technology Management Practices In Enhancing Competitiveness - A Case Study of Lucas - TVS, Chennai” Global Journal of Engineering Research and Technology ISSN 2249-3107. Volume 5, Number 1 (2015), pp. 60 - 89 2017 (Co-Authored)

Book Reviews

1.      “Technology, Innovations and Economic Development—Essays in Honour of Robert E. Evenson”  by Lakhwinder Singh, KJ Joseph and Daniel KN Johnson (eds), 2015 Foreign Trade Review 51(3) 266-270 SAGE Publications

2.      “ E-Commerce-The Asian Manager’s Handbook” by Dr. Rajesh Chakrabarti and Dr. Vikas  Kardile 2002 Global Business Review, IMI, Vol-3, Number 2 July-Dec 2002

3.      “Marketing Management” by Ranjan Saxena 1999 Indian Journal of Commerce, Indian Commerce Association

Conferences / Proceedings

1.      “Emerging and Contemporary R&D and Innovation indicators in National S&T System and Policy Implications: Key Findings” Innovation for Sustainable Development: Perspectives, Policies and Practices in South Asia, 4th Indialics Conference organised by JNU Delhi 1st-5th November 2017 (Co-Authored)

2.      “R&D and Innovation indicators in Indian S&T system – A National Framework Approach” in OECD Blue Sky III Forum, in Ghent, Belgium, 19-21 September 2016 (Co-Authored)

3.    Open Innovation in ICT Services for Quadruple Helix Model: The Cloud Proposition” ICC’16   Proceedings of the International Conference on Internet of things and Cloud Computing Article No 33 Cambridge, United Kingdom — March 22 - 23, 2016 (Co-Authored)

4.      “Socially Responsible Consumption Behaviour Scale – An Empirical Realignment for Indian Consumers”  Global Summit on Corporate Social Responsibility 2015, New Delhi, India 15th – 16th May, 2015 (Co-Authored)

5.      “The Relationship between Perception and Utilization of Export Incentive Schemes among Indian Exporters” Conference Proceedings of Global Interdisciplinary Business Economics Advancement Conference, Florida, USA, pp. 149-162. May 15-18, 2014(Co-Authored)

6.      “Information Security Practices Followed in the Indian  Software Services Industry- An Exploratory Study”    EWI-IEEE Second Worldwide Cyber  security Summit, 1-2 June 2011, London ( Published in IEEE Explore Issue Date: 8-8-2011) (Co-Authored)

7.      “Strategic IT Training Framework for Mid-Size Manufacturing Enterprises” International Conference on Indian Mid-Size Manufacturing Enterprises: Opportunities and Challenges in a  Global Economy” organized by Management Development Institute, Gurgaon, India .19-20 Feb 2004 (Co-Authored)

8.      “E-Learning in India: Experiences, Issues & Challenges” The Third International Conference  on Electronic Business organized by National University of Singapore. 9-13 Dec 2003 (Co-Authored)

9.      “IT initiatives and e-Learning for SMEs in India” International Conference on e-Readiness of  SMEs in India, UK and China, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Delhi 8-16 October, 2003 (Co-Authored)

Articles, Cases etc., in Newspapers & Magzines

1.      Case Analysis of “ University of Phoenix Online ” published in CASEFOLIO, ICFAI Press,  ICFAI University , Hyderabad India January 2005

2.      Case analysis “ Making the UK Prison system meet demands of easy flow of information” published in The Financial Express, Delhi India February 18, 2006

3.      Case “ Out of the box solution saves the day for the telecom vendor’ published in The Financial Express, Delhi India March 18, 2006

4.      Case analysis “A Flexible Cost effective Solution is an Advantage” published in The Financial Express, Delhi India April 8, 2006

5.      Case “ Using IT to guarantee smooth functioning of Retail Supply Chain’ published in The  Financial Express, Delhi India 15 April, 2006

6.      Case “ Organise oneself to capitalize on creative outsourcing opportunities’ published in The  Financial Express, Delhi India 6 May, 2006

7.      Case “Quick refluxes in a wired airport helps retrieve lost baggage” published in The Financial  Express, Delhi India 3 June , 2006

8.      Case “ E-Learning is a good employee training model’ published in The Financial Express,  Delhi India 24 June, 2006

9.      Case “Using IT to maximize productivity ” published in The Financial Express, Delhi India 22  July, 2006

10.  Case “An outstanding outsourcing model ” published in The Financial Express, Delhi  India 12 August, 2006

11.  Case “A Step in Right Direction” published in The Financial Express, Delhi India 9-9- 2006

12.  Case “ In Search of Organisational Excellence’ published in The Financial Express, Delhi India  23 September, 2006

13.  Case “Accommodating Transition” published in The Financial Express, Delhi India 21 October, 2006

14.  Case “Performing better with business analytics’ published in The Financial Express, Delhi  India 11 November, 2006

15.  Case “Betting it Right” published in The Financial Express, Delhi India 16 -12- 2006

16.  Case study “More checkpoints for drug discovery” published in The Financial Express, Delhi India 13 January, 2007

17.  Case study “Undercutting prices unhealthy for retail” published in The Financial Express, Delhi India 27 January, 2007

18.  Case study “Rising above the turf wars” published in The Financial Express, Delhi India 31  March , 2007

19.  Case analysis “Developing analytical capabilities a must” published in The Financial Express, Delhi India 14 April , 2007

20.  Case analysis “Implement IT Services Management” published in The Financial Express, Delhi India 28 April , 2007

Workshops/ Training

1.      Workshop on "Emerging and Contemporary R&D and Innovation Indicators in National S&T System" and Policy Implications on 10-10-2017 at IIFT

2.      Workshop on Innovation for Pipelines Division of Indian Oil at HO, Noida 13-02-2017

3.      Workshop on "Emerging and Contemporary R&D and Innovation Indicators in National S&T System" and Policy Implications on 01-07-2016 at IIFT

4.      Workshop on "Emerging and Contemporary R&D and Innovation Indicators in National S&T System" and Policy Implications on 20-01-2016 at IIFT

5.      Workshop on Problem solving statistical techniques using SPSS 22.0  in JNU 9-5-2014

6.      Advance Research Methodology and Data Analytical Tools at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Ghaziabad FDP on 11-07-2013

7.      “SCWEC Marketing Strategies for Trade fairs”  for women entrepreneurs of SAARAC sponsored by GIZ  Germany under project CHANCE in Delhi on  8-9thNov 2011.

8.      “How to  Scale and Sustain Networks” for women entrepreneurs of SAARAC region sponsored by GIZ  Germany under project CHANCE in Delhi on  27thNov 2012.

9.      “Research Methodology and Data Analytical Tools”  Faculty Development Programmed at  Jaipuria Institute of Management, Ghaziabad, 18th to 21st December, 2012

10.  “Research Methodology” from September 12-14, 2012  for  programme  organized by IGNOU in Collaboration with SPSS South Asia Pvt. Ltd., for the young faculty members of IGNOU.

11.  “CSR Guidelines for Public Sector Enterprises” in 2011-12 at IIFT  facilitated by Department of Public Enterprises

12.   “Marketing of Scientific Innovation and R&D  in International Markets”  for Scientists and Technocrats 2011 at IIFT Delhi

13.  “Research Methods using SPSS” Faculty Development Programme at  Delhi Institute of Advanced Studies, Delhi, 9-10  May 2011

14.   “Resources of Research and Data Gathering Techniques” Workshop on Research Methodology at Parul  Institute of Management, Vadodra 23-24 March 2010

15.  “Project Management of Disaster and Recovery Projects” Workshop for Officers of UNAMA ( United Nations),  Kabul  9 August- 9 September 2005 at IIFT Delhi

16.  “Managing Processes with Six Sigma Approach”  focused on risk  modelling as an open executive programme at IIFT  2006

Invited Lecture,  Discussions and Policy Engagement

1.      "Issues in Procurement of Equipment and way forward" at the workshop titled National Scientific Research Infrastructure Policy on 9th and 10th February 2017   in Delhi organised by DST and ASCI Hyderabad

2.      Part of  Working group  on Logistics Issues for preparing draft of  New Capital Goods Policy assigned to CII by Government of India 2016.

3.      Indo-Russian Dialogue on Integration of Education, Scientific and Technical Activities Organised by Russian Embassy on 11-july-2016

4.      On  National Channel ET NoW -Impact of E-Commerce On MSME Sector | ET NOW Leaders of Tomorrow - Ep 4 (18th Feb 2016)

5.      Part of High-Level Roundtable Stakeholder Discussions on Horizon Energy Technologies,  Technology Partnerships and National Energy Policy  Jointly by the Council on Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW) and Niti Aayog  in Oct 2015

6.      24th Session of United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UNCEFACT) Forum 27th– 31st October 2014 organised by UNECE in New Delhi in collaboration with DEITY India

7.      Part of Stakeholder Discussions for Big Data policy  to identify R&D thrust areas in Data Science, Technology, Research and Applications (dASTRA) Programme of DST in 2015-16.

8.      Panel Discussion " Data – Management, Sharing and Services : Current & Future Role of Data Stakeholders"  in The India Data Citation Workshop, named "Evolving Data Science Standards & Citation Attribution Practices", held on the 5-6th November 2015 at the Indian National Science Academy, in New Delhi, India.

9.      Invited as Judge FIIB-Walton College Case Challenge at Fortune Institute of Management on 16th May 2015

10.  Evaluation & Impact Assessment of CSR programs for ACC on 9-Jan-2015

11.  Lecture on Best Sales Practices for Channel Partners of Indian Oil on 9-6-2016 in  IIM Rohtak

12.  “E-commerce Led Export: Challenges and Opportunities”  organised by EPCH on 4-July-2015 in Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan New Delhi

13.  Train the Trainer Program on Establishment of Export Facilitation Desk at Marketing & Service Centers for O/o DC(Handicrafts) 17th-18th June, 2015; New Delhi

14.  “How to Safeguard your Business from Cybercrime”  at the business conference organized by Export Promotion Council of India in  11th.January 2014.

15.  Conference organised by BVMR New Delhi Topic SMEs Development, Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth: Its Lessons and Experience on Feb 3, 2013

16.  Lecture " Competitiveness of Indian Manufacturing Exports to USA in Light of new Law on IT Compliance in USA" for Faridabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry 2012

17.  “Measuring and Enhancing Word of Mouth on Social Media” on June 13, 2012 at PHD House, New Delhi

18.  E-Commerce Led Exports – Challenges & Opportunities” at the business conference organized during Indian Handicrafts & Gifts Fair (Autumn) 2012 at  India Expo Centre and Mart, Greater Noida Expressway, New Delhi, India.

19.  “Applications of Advanced Computing Technologies: The Emerging Research Trends” Staff Development Programme at  Ambedkar Institute of Advanced Communication Technologies & Research  Delhi, 18-29  July  2011

20.  Session on Modelling Techniques, Deployment in Data Mining Workshop at AIMA New Delhi on 28th April 2011

21.  Lecture on Data Mining in GGS Indraprastha University Delhi on 5th March 2011

22.  “Measuring and Enhancing Word of Mouth on Social Media” on June 13, 2012 at PHD House, New Delhi

23.  Africa Capacity Building "IT Application in International Business" 17-12-2010  at IIFT New Delhi.

24.  “Education and ICT Policy Making – Issues and Responses” with Information Society Division, UNESCO, Paris in November 2007

25.  Potential of E-Commerce in Supply Chain Management and Process Analysis Issues in India, Supply Chain Management Group, UN/ ECFACT 2-6th October 2006

26.  “Online learning in local context- eLearning and Staff Development” inputs for  new policy for open and distance education  organised by IGNOU-British Council  Global Roundtable Conference, October 22 2003

Professional / Academic Affiliations

Select Past Engagements at IIFT

Member, Board of Directors, National Centre   for Trade Information (NCTI), Government of India. 2013-17

Member Secretary, Sectoral Innovation Council 2013-15 – Department of Commerce, Government of India.

Lead, Information Crisis Management  Plan

Chairman Admissions 2008-9 – Oversee entire process of candidate selection and student admission process across various programmes offer by IIFT at Delhi and Kolkata

Project Lead for online initiative of IIFT, designed and launched in 2003.

Member Academy of Management US

Review Member IIMS Journal of Management Science 

Member Board of Studies, Central University Haryana

Member Board of Studies, IUU, Dehradun

Life Memeber Indian Journal of Commerce