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Name : Dr. R.P.Datta

Function : Professor

Email : rpdatta@iift.edu






Ph.D. (Mathematical Sciences in Physics)


University of Texas at Arlington, U.S.A.

John D Mcnutt Award, Best graduate. Student

M.S (Physics)


Colorado State University, U.S.A.



Indian Inst. of Tech., Kharagpur

First position in M.Sc.



Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta

Areas of Interest / Specialization

Data Mining applications, Hidden Markov Models, Image compression, Monte Carlo simulation, Information Technology Management,E-Learning, Multimedia Technology and Multimedia based content development, IT Project Management, Mathematical modeling and Simulation

Work Experience

2006(Oct) – Dec’07      

School of Education Technology, Jadavpur University, Raja S.C. Mullick Road,  Kolkata- 700032


1)Teaching Management of Software Development Systems, Corporate Communication, Multimedia Authoring, CBT development, Content development for the Web, Principles of Education Technology, Principles of Courseware Engineering, Audio and Video Editing, Graphics and Animation Lab etc.

2) Research on Image compression using fractals and speech recognition using Hidden Markov models.



CMC Limited, Centre for Education Technology,[Module 219-222, SDF Building, Sector-5, Salt Lake, Kolkata 700091

Senior Manager and Head Centre for Education Technology. 

Took a lead role in planning and setting up the Centre for Education Technology (CET), the R&D department for E&T business unit of CMC Ltd.

Heading the Centre for Education Technology (all India initiative) for about 3 years.

Providing pre-sales support for and executing Education and Knowledge Management projects for the State and Central Government, domestic and international clients, including foreign nations and universities.

Identifying upcoming technologies, planning and developing new IT courses, reviewing existing IT courses, for all India and overseas delivery.

Expertise in content creation planning, designing, story boarding, and deployment as stand-alone product and on the Intranet/Internet for worlwide initiative.

Developing strategy for CMC Computer Education and its

Franchisee operations both in India and abroad.Teaching Unix, C

1994(Sept)-- 1998(Feb)

S.N.Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, JD Block, Sector 3, Salt Lake, Kolkata Research


1)Research on Quantum Mechanical calculations on the structure and energetics of small metal and oxide clusters of relevance to catalysis.

2)Involved writing large computer codes to finding numerical solutions for complex physical and mathematical problems which are not solvable analytically.


University of Texas at Arlington, Physics and Computer Science Departments

Lecturer/Post Doctoral Fellow

·Teaching and Research in Physics and Computer Science Departments.

·Developed a package for determining the profile of highways in the state of Texas.

·Involved experiments using infra red lasers and code development using signal processing, decimation and filtering  techniques.


University of Texas at Arlington, Physics Department

Graduate Teaching and Research Assistant

·Teaching complete undergraduate Physics classes and labs.

·Research on dissertation title, ‘ Multidimensional Electron-Photon                                 Transport:A 2D-Discrete Ordinates Study’.


Colorado State University, Physics Department

Graduate Teaching and Research Assistant

·Teaching physics classes, tutorial classes and labs.

·Research on coupled non linear systems driven by random noise.




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14.  Coupled Electron Photon Calculations in Two Dimensions.

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15.  A Spatial Characteristic Scheme for Multigroup Discrete  Ordinates Electron Transport in Two Dimensions.

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16.  A Discrete Ordinates Study of Two Dimensional Electron Transport.

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17.  A Note on 2-D Electron Transport using Discrete Ordinates.

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Professional / Academic Affiliations

Former member of the American Physical Society