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Name : Dr. (Mrs.) Vijaya Katti

Function : Professor & Dean, Administration (Academics)
HOD (Economics & Trade Policy)

Email : dean@iift.edu


Post Doctoral Research

Centre for Economic Studies & Planning Jawaharlal Nehru,  University, New Delhi


India’s trade with her neighbouring countries – Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka (1970-1980) (Under ICSSR Fellowship)


Nagpur University


“A Study of Economic Relations between India and Nepal since 1950”.

M.A. (Economics)

Nagpur University


Fifth in Merit


Nagpur University


Sixth in Merit


Maharashtra Board of Secondary Education


First in Humanities Faculty,

15th in Merit

Areas of Interest / Specialization

  • Indo-Nepal Economic Relations

  • India's Trade with SAARC

  • Textiles & Clothing,

  • GA TS & Trade in Services

  • WTO Related Issues

Work Experience

Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi

7 July, 1989 – 5 April, 1994 6 April 1994 – 7 May 2000

8 May 2000 – to date

19 July 2004 – to date

Associate Professor Professor

Chairperson (Management Development Programmes)

Chairperson (Library Committee)

University Grants Commission (Affiliated to School of International Studies, JNU, New Delhi)

1April ,1989 – 30 June, 1989

Part Time Research Associate

Dayal Singh College, New Delhi Aurobindo College, New Delhi

Aug. 1988 – Oct. 1988

Nov. 1988 – March 1989

Lecturer in Economics

Bureau of Industrial Cost & Prices, Ministry of Industry, New Delhi

Jan. 1987 – April 1988

Economic Consultant

Indian Council for Social Science Research, New Delhi

Dec. 1984 – Dec. 1986

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow (Affiliated to Center for Economic Studies & Planning, JNU, New Delhi)

International Confederation of Free Trade Union-Asian Regional Organization, New Delhi

1 July, 1982 – 15 Nov., 1982

Project Consultant, Compilation of Statistical Supplement for “Asian Labor Yearbook”

Dharmpeth Arts,

Commerce & MP Deo

Memorial Science College


3 Nov.,1979 – 30 June, 1982

Lecturer in Economics

Taught graduate and post-graduate students

Was Prof.-in-charge of “Planning Forum” – Organized seminars, essay competitions & study tours of post graduate students



  • Editor, Emerging Trade Agendas: South Asia and German prospects, IIFT, March 1995.

  • Chandan Gokhale & Dr. (Mrs.) Vijaya Katti, Globalising Indian Textiles – Threats and Opportunities, Tecoya Publication, April 1995.

  • Prasad, HAC and Katti, V. Non conventional Technology Based Services, Commonwealth Publishers, New Delhi, 1998.

  • Venkatesan, R., Katti,V., India’s Textile policy for the 21st Century, BRPL Publishers, New Delhi,1999.

  • Katti, V, "Indo-Nepal Trade: Post WTO Dimension", Kalinga Publishers, New Delhi,  2001

       Various Research Papers in Books, Journals & Newspapers


Textiles Related

  • “High Cost Economy in Textile Industry” as a Consultant to Reliance Industries Ltd., August 1992.

  • “Textile Industry on the Horns of a Dilemma” January 1995 as a Consultant to Reliance Industries Ltd., January 1995.

  • “Textile Industry: Export Vision 2005”, As Member of Expert Group on Textile Exports for Ministry of Textiles, August 1996.

  • “India's Textile Policy for the 21st Century”, as a consultant to Grasim Industries, 2000.


  • “Costs on Consumers and the environment due to non co-operation among SAARC countries” with Raghavan, S.N. for Consumer Unity and Trust Society, Calcutta, July 1996.

  • “Trade and Investment Linkages Between India and Nepal in the 90s” for Indian Council for Research in International Relations, March 1998.

  • Indo-Nepal Economic Relations as Consultancy for B.P. Koirala Foundation, Royal Nepal Embassy, New Delhi, 1999.

  • Study of Horticulture & Floriculture Sectors for "Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement between India and Singapore”  January 03 forCebaco India Pvt Ltd

  • Study on Free Trade Agreements “India’s Approach to FTAs” for Reliance Industries,2004

  • Market Access : Environmental Goods & Services :  Negotiating Strategy” for UN University, Institute of Advanced Studies, Japan, November 2005. UNU-IAS Working Paper series, Research Network on the WTO and Sustainable Development Country Case Studies from Developing Countries.

Professional / Academic Affiliations

  • Visit to Indonesia as 'Resource Person for Programme on WTO organised by Colombo Plan Secretariat' in 2001 & 2003 to deliver lectures

  • Visit to Egypt, as a Resource Person in Programme on “Analytical Tools for Introduction to Economic Data and its Analysis,           Dec. 03    

  • Visit to Bangkok as Resource Person in Colombo Plan/UNESCAP/NORAD Fund with the Cooperation of International Institute for Trade and Development (ITD), National Bureau of Agricultural Commodity and Food Standards (NBACFS), and UNCTAD on New Round of Trade Talks: Issues Pertaining to Agriculture and Services in 2003

  • Invited by Indian Embassy in Nepal to present a paper at Kathmandu in a Seminar on India – Nepal Economic Relations on Emerging Trade and Investment Opportunities for Nepal in India at Kathmandu on  21 December 2003.

  • Visit to Egypt, as a Resource Person in Programme on “Analytical Tools for Introduction to Economic Data and its Analysis, Dec. 03    

  • Invited by UNECE to Malaysia, as a Resource Person in Capacity Building Workshop on “Trade Facilitation Implementation for Asian and the Pacific Region”, March. 05.

  • Visited Tanzania to teach course on WTO & International Trade Policy to the participants of MBA (International II), Institute of Finance Management, Tanzania in the month of December 2002, April 2004, April 2005 & March 2006.

  • Invited by WTO Secretariat, Geneva as a Resource Person in the “Regional Trade Policy Course” to cover the topic of Market Access related issues: Regional perspective (to be held in May 2006 at Hong Kong University). Attended preparatory workshop for the RTPC at WTO Secretariat Geneva, February 2006.

  • Lectures taken in Course on International Business Environment including important WTO related Issues for Executive Diploma in International Business (EDIB) at Al Ghurair Academy, Dubai, June 2001 as Course Coordinator.