About Us

Name : Dr. Biswajit Nag

Function : Professor & Head, Economics Division

Email : biswajit@iift.edu


Ph.D. (Economics) and PG Diploma in Financial Management

Areas of Interest / Specialization

Industrial Economics, Applied Econometrics, International Trade & Finance.

Work Experience

Visiting Research Fellow at the Institute of Developing Economies, Japan (Dec 2018 - March 2019)

Served the Poverty and Development Division of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UN-ESCAP) in Bangkok, (Thailand) during 2003-04.

Worked as Research Fellow at the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi in 1998.

Worked in the Tenth Finance Commission (of India) in 1994 as Economic Investigator.


Refereed (Selected Ones)

  • Long-run Determinants of Soverign Bond Yields (Co-authored) published in Economic & Political Weekly , Vol. 53, No. 13, March 31, 2018, pp 111-119. 
  • Is India losing the Competition or the Competitiveness in Apparel Export? (Co-authored); Case registered in CASE CENTRE, No. 317-0200-1, July 2017
  • SAARC Geopolitics and Trade: Missing Intra-regional Connectivity a Hindrance to Further Economic Integration; (Co-autored) , published in South Asian Survey, vol. 22 (1), 2017, pp 78-116
  • Is Indian Automobile Industry getting integrated with Asian Production Network? (co-authored); published in International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management vol. 17, No. 4, 2017, pp. 345-468
  • Two Crises Separated by Two Decades: Savings Glut and Trade Strategy in select East Asian Economies ( co-authored) publised as IIM Calcutta Working Paper ( WPS 799), July 2017
  • Determinants and Relationships in Sectoral Trade: A Bilateral Model for Knitwear Clothing (Co-Authored); published in the Thunderbird International Business Review, Vol. 58, No. 6, Nov-Dec, 2016; pp565-574
  • How are Shopping Experience Evaluated: A Methodological proposal to understand Consmers as Shoppers (co-authored) published in Journal of Marketing Development and Competitiveness, Vol. 9(1), 2015
  • The sustainability of trade deficits in the presence of endogenous structural breaks: Evidence from the Indian economy (Co-authored) published in the Journal of Asian Economics, Vol. 23 (2012),  519–526.
  • Attributes of Open Innovation ICT Forums ( Co-authored) published in International Journal in Management and Social Science, Vol.03 Issue-02, February, 2015, 710-717
  • A Study of Open Innovation in Telecommunications Services: A Review of  Literature & Trends (Co-authored) published in IIFT Working Paper, No. EC-11-09, Nov 2011. The article can be accessed through http://cc.iift.ac.in/research/Docs/WP/09.pdf
  • Impact of India-ASEAN Free Trade Agreement: A cross-country analysis using applied general equilibrium modeling; (co-authored), published as Asia Pacific Research and Training Network (ARTNeT) Working Paper Series, No. 107, Nov. 2011, http://www.unescap.org/tid/artnet/pub/wp10711.pdf
  •  “Welfare Implication of India-ASEAN FTA: An Analysis using GTAP Model”, (Coauthored), published in IIFT Working Paper, No. EC-11-06, July 2011. The article can be accessed through http://cc.iift.ac.in/research/Docs/WP/06.pdf .
  • Rules of Origin and Development of Regional Production Network in Asia: Case Studies if Selected Industries; (co-authored) ARTNeT Working Paper Series, No. 101, May 2011
  • “Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement between India and Sri Lanka: Where does it lead?” published in IIFT Working Paper, No. EC-11-03, March 2011. The article can be accessed through http://cc.iift.ac.in/research/Docs/WP/03.pdf.
  • India- ASEAN FTA: Implication of Phased Liberalisation (co-authored), presented at the 14th Annual Conference on Global Economic Analysis (16-18 June, 2011), Venice, Italy and currently under submission. The early version of the paper is available in GTAP Websitehttps://www.gtap.agecon.purdue.edu/resources/download/5226.pdf
  • The Three Pronged Strategy of India’s Preferential Trade Policy: A Contribution to the study of modern Economic Treaties: (coauthored)  Connecticut Journal of International Law, Volume 26, Spring 2011, No. 2
  • The Regulation of Trade in Services in India’s PTAs Mapping the Expanding Universe” (Coauthored), under submission.
  • Bilateral Trade and Investment between India and China: Measuring Relative Competitiveness in Each Other’s market (2009) co-authored, published in Foreign Trade Review Vol. XLIV, issue No. 2, July-Sept.
  • Integration of Small and medium Sized Enterprises in International Trade and Production Networks: The Automotive Industry in Asia (co authored), published in “Emerging trade issues For Policy Maker in Developing Countries in Asia and the Pacific”, ESCAP, 2009.http://ideas.repec.org/h/unt/ecchap/tipub2526_chap4.html
  • Auto-Component Industry in Asia: Structure, Trade Patterns and Potential for Further Upgrading; published in the Special issue of International Journal of  Technological Learning, Innovation and Development from Inderscience Publishers, Vol. 2, No.1/2, 2009, pp 119-137. The abstract of the article can be accessed through http://www.inderscience.com/browse/index.php?journalID=240&year=2009&vol=2&issue=1/2
  • Implication of Asia Pacific Trade Agreement (APTA) on Papua New Guinea (PNG) published in Asia Pacific Trade and Investment Review, vol 3. no.2, 2007 , December, pg. 109-131. http://www.unescap.org/tid/publication/aptir2470_biswajit.pdf
  • Changing Features of Automobile Industry in Asia: Comparison of Production, Trade and Market Structure in Select Countries (co-authored),ARTNet Working Paper No. 37August 2007. The article is available now through http://www.unescap.org/tid/artnet/pub/wp3707.pdf or through Research Papers in Economics (RePec website) http://ideas.repec.org/p/esc/wpaper/3707.html
  • Towards an Increasing Collaboration at WTO Negotiating Forums: The Case of China and India ; (Co-authored), published in Taiwanese Journal of WTO Studies (vol. 7, 2007, pg. 1-35)
  • The WTO Ruling on the EU-US Biotech Products Dispute: A Review of Issues” (Coauthored) published in Asian Biotechnology and Development Review, vol. 9,     No. 2, March 2007. The article is available through http://www.ris.org.in/article5_v9n2.pdf
  • Impact of Capacity Utilisation and Slow Adjustments of Quasi-fixed factors on Productivity and Efficiency Measurement:An Experiment with Indian Pharmaceutical Industry (2005) published in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Finance, Economics and Policy, Vol. 14, No. 4, Haworth Press, USA.
  • India’s Approach to Asian Economic Integration (2006); (Co-authored), Taiwanese Journal of WTO Studies, No. 5 Page 67-128. The earlier version of the article was presented by the second author in the International Conference on Globalization, Blocization, and East Asian Economic Integration”, organized by Center for WTO Studies, College of International Affairs, National Chengchi University, Taipei on March 31, 2006.
  • Analysing India’s Trade Dynamics vis-à-vis SAARC Members Using the Gravity Model(2006); (Co-authored) Published in the South Asia Economic Journal, vol. 7, No. 1, pp 83-98.
  • Trade Cooperation and Performance in East and South Asia: Towards a Future Integration (2005) in The Asia Pacific Development Journal, Vol. 12. No. 1. http://www.unescap.org/pdd/publications/apdj_12_1/index.asp or in the Global Development Network (GDN) website http://www.gdnet.org/middle.php?oid=237&zone=docs&action=doc&doc=11726
  • A Critical Appraisal of UNCTAD Conferences with special references to UNCTAD XI”( Co-authored), (2005)Foreign Trade Review, vol. XXXIX, No. 4, Jan-March, pp.41-56.
  • A Perspective on Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and its Implication”, Bulletin on Asia Pacific Perspectives (2004/05), United Nations. The paper is available in the website http://www.unescap.org/pdd/publications/bulletin04-05/index.asp
  • Experience of Financial Sector Reform in India: A Comparison with Select South East Asian Countries”, (co-authored), published in Foreign Trade Review, Vol. XXXVIII, No. 3 &4, Oct-March 2004.
  • "WTO and Its Impact on Indian Small and Medium Entrepreneurs; (2000) in  Small Enterprises Development Management and Extension Journal(Vol. 27, No. 3,)

Other Publication


  • Business Innovation and ICT Strategies (November, 2018) (Co-auhored with Sriram Birudavolu)

Synopsis: Due to powerful, disruptive and rapid forces unleashed by ICT tsunami, organisations not only struggle to harness the potential of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) but can also be overwhelmed by the changes, complexity, competition and regulatory environment it brings up. In this context, the book draws the idea from the theories of economics & strategy and provides a guideline how to sustain business challenges and succeed by leveraging ICT in absence of extensive in-house expertise.  It investigates the real process of unleashing the power of ICT through Open Innovation and strategic choices. It covers the most important aspects of ICT in a nutshell and details the road to the future through business innovation. Constructing the right strategy and building the social capital for open innovation through collaboration with partners, government, academia and users are essential steps in such a process.

  • My World with Rafiki: An Economic Travelogue and Miscellany( November, 2014)

Synopsis: “Rafiki” means “friend” in Kiswahili language, which is spoken in a large part of Africa. The book reflects the author’s own way of detailing the importance of cooperation for Indian managers in international business as part of his teaching in MBA class. Countries are engaged in international trade for ages, companies do business with partners from other countries, but understanding the business environment is essential for success. Author describes the role of history, culture, religion, politics, etc., in economic policy-making especially in the contemporary developing world, including India. The book is full of anecdotal evidence linked with policies and practices that have made it an articulate polemic and provide a counterintuitive look toward understanding the business environment. The book is availble in Amazon, Flipkart, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, etc. 

(Book Chapters/Working papers and Monographs)

  • Myanmar–India Trade: An Empirical Study on Possible Employment Benefits for the State of Mizoram (co-authored) published in the edited book by De, P and Raychaudhuri, A. Myanmar’s Integration with the World:  Challenges and Policy Options published by Palgrave Macmillan (2017)
  • Assessing the Future of Trade in the Automobile Sector between India and Pakistan: Implications of Abolishing the Negative List published in the edited  book by Taneja, N and Dayal, I. titled   India-Pakistan Trade Normalisation: The Unfinished Economic Agenda; published by Springer (2017)
  • Will India gain from India-ASEAN FTA? Analysis of Simulated Scenarios based on Phased Implementation (Co-authored); Published in the Celebrating the Third Decade and Beyond New Challenges to ASEAN-India Economic Partnership; edited by Prabir De & Suthiphand Chirathivat; by KW Publishers Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi (2017)
  • Emerging Production Network between India and ASEAN: An Analysis of Value-Added Trade in Select Industries; published in the Trade, Investment and Economic Development in Asia: Empirical and Policy Issues; edited by D. Chakraborty & J Mukherjee; by Routledge (2016)
  • Slowdown of Indian Economy and Changing Consumption Pattern: What is there for Automobile Industry? published in the book Global Automobile Demand : Major Trends in Mature Economies ( Vol 2), edited by Bruno Jetin, Univ. of Paris (13), published by Palgrave MacMillan ( 2015)
  • Integrating India with Asian Production Networks: Prospects and Challenges; (Co-authored) published in the CESifo Working Paper No. 5616 (November 2015); CESIfo Group, Munich 
  • Issues Related to Trade Facilitation and Non-Tariff Barriers in India and Sri Lanka: A Synthesis of Secondary Literature published in the book “Deepening Economic Cooperation between India and Sri Lanka” edited by Indra Nath Mukherji and Kavita Iyengar, published by Asian Development Bank (2013)
  • Trade liberalization and International Production Networks: Experience of the Indian automotive sector, published in the book  Fighting Irrelevance: The Role of Regional  Trade Agreements in International Production Networks in Asia, published by UNESCAP, 2011,http://www.unescap.org/tid/publication/tipub2597.asp
  • Wrote a Chapter on Automobile Industry in India and China for developing Analytical Guidebook: Insights 2011: Asia, Africa and the Middle East” on behalf of Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong)
  • Trades and Investment in Parts and Components: Perfomance of Some Selected Asian Economies (co-authored) , published in Globalsiation, Foreign Capital and Development by Bhattachrayya et. al. (Regal Publications, 2010)
  • Understanding Sino-Indian Economic Relationship: Towards Developing New age Partnership (Co-authored) , published in India-China: Trade and Strategy for Frontier Development, Edited by Gurudas Das and Joshua Thomas,( Bookwell 2010)
  • A Note on India’s Recent Involvement in Trade Blocs (2003–2009): Regionally Sharpening the Multilateral Agenda? (Coauthored with Julien Chaisse and  Debashis Chakraborty) NCCR Trade Working Paper No 2008/20, November 2008 of Swiss National Centre for Competence in Research,  World Trade Institute, Switzerland. The Paper is available through http://www.nccr-trade.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=category§ionid=33&id=118&Itemid=199 . The article is now forthcoming in Connecticut Journal of International Law
  • Services in Regional Trade Agreements: Implications for India; (Co-authored); Working Paper # 05-08, September 2008, International Trade Research Series, Department of Economics, Jadavpur University, Kolkata   www.jueconomics.in/home/uncpaper/B%20Nag%2005-08.pdf  or    mpra.ub.uni-muenchen.de/view/people/Nag,_Biswajit.html
  • “Asian Integration Process and BIMSTEC” (co-authored) Published as Discussion Paper 35 from Center for Studies in International Development (2007).  The article may be accessed through http://www.csird.org.in/discussion.htm.
  •  “Asian Integration Process and India’s FTA Strategy”, (co-authored), WTO Update, Assocham, vol. 14. No. 7, pp 5-11. January 2007
  • Book review on The Economics of Trade Facilitation by Nirmal Sengupta (Oxford), in Global Business Review , Vol. 8 No. 1 (Jan/Feb 2007)
  • A Review of India Sri Lanka Trade Cooperation (2006); IIFT Occasional Paper,    No. 24.
  • Foreign Direct Investment in India” (co-authored)published in the book “International Finance and Global Macroeconomics”, by S. Nandi, Samskrti Publishers, New Delhi (2003).
  • "India's Exports to EU: A Critical Evaluation"; The article is published in electronic form, along with the book Europe and the South in the 21st Century: Challenges for Renewed Cooperation, by Karthala, Paris. The article is available in the website http://www.eadi.org/detail_page.phtml?page=gc1999#International%20economics
  • Structural Changes in Indo-European Union Trade Relations: A Macro Perspective”,(Co-authored ) : Presented at the seminar organised jointly by Fortune Institute of  International Business, Jawaharlal Nehru University and Federation Of Indian Export Organisation on  21st March 1997.The article is also published in “India and the European Union : Into the 21st Century”, edited by H.S.Chopra, from Indian Council of World Affairs, New Delhi (1998). The article has been republished in “India, Germany and European Union: Partners in Progress and Prosperity” edited by N. A. Sulaiman,from Kalinga Publications, Delhi (2002).
  • 'India's Economic Outlook for the Next Millennium', (Co-authored), published in International Industries: Annual, 1998.

(Magazines and Newspapers)

  • The Changing Trajectory of India’s Foreign Policy; published in the Diplomatist;  vol 5, issue 4, April 2017
  • Revitalising India-Kenya Partnership: Much Needed Boost by PM Narendra Modi published in Diplomatist, vol 5, issue No. 1 Jan 2017,
  •  Personal Interview on “EU will not breakdown… it will find a middle way” published in the The Dollar Business , vol. 4, Issue 01, Jan 2017
  • A leader must command trust: Lessons for India Inc from Tata-Mistry fight, published in Nov 24, 2016, The Hindustan Times (online)

·      How BIMSTEC can build Bridges ( co-authored), published in Diplomatist, Vol 2, Issue 4, April 2014

·      Middle East and the BRICS: Analysis of Export and Investment Potential published in Middle East Trade and Export, Issue 22, Nov. 2013, Dubai

  • Emerging Paradigms in India-ASEAN Relations (co-authored) published in the Special report of Diplomatist (Plus) 2012
  • India-ASEAN FTA: Can it fulfill India’s ‘Look East’ Dream? Published in Diplomatist, vol. IV, Issue No. 3, March 2012.
  • ‘Dispute Settlement Mechanism and Its Implication’; published in Focus WTO, Vol. 5, No. 5, Jan-Feb, 2010
  • “Formula Approaches of Tariff Reduction: Agenda for India’s Negotiation” published in WTO Update, Vol. 6, No. 1, March-April 2003, The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM).

    Professional / Academic Affiliations

    Conference Presentation


    •  Is Indian Automobile Industry getting integrated with Asian Production Network?’ (Co-authored); presented at the Conference on The New Horizon of the World Automobile Industry: Technologies, Applications, Innovations, Markets   at the 24th Gerpisa International Colloquium held at  Instituto Technologico de Monterrey in Puebla, Mexico during 1-3 June 2016
    •   Invited as panellist in the Expert Group Meeting on Trade Policies for Sustainable Development, 3-4 November 2015, United Nations, Bangkok
    •   India-Africa Strategic partnership: Can Tanzania be India’s Gateway to Africa? presented at the Conference “ Enhancing Efficiency and Maximising Output of Tanzania’s Economy: An Indian Initiative” at Hotel New Africa, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, on 6th March 2015
    •   Framework for Measuring Performance of Trade Related Services under Trade Facilitation Process, presented at Asia Pacific Trade Economists Conference ( 10th Anniversary Conference of ARTNet), 22-23 Sept., 2014, Bangkok, Thailand
    •    India and Pakistan Trade in Automotive Sector : Opportunities and Concerns, presented at Lahore University of management Sciences ( LUMS), Lahore, Pakistan in the Conference “Pakistan –India Trade Normalisation’ held on 20-21 Aug, 2014      
    • India-Japan CEPA and Implication for Private Sector, presented at the Symposium “The Epoch of Japan-India Relationship: Economy, Infrastructure and Security” on 14th Dec 2012 at Keidanren, organised by Kezai Koho Centre, Tokyo, Japan
    • Empirical Measurement of Return on Investment: A Heuristic Approach (co-authored): Presented in the web-conference AM Plus 2012 organized byAdvertisement Research Foundation (ARF) New York, USA on 27-28 June 2012.
    • India’s Medical Service: Implication for the Potential Sino-Indian Collaboration (co-authored): presented at the China International Fair for Trade in Service (CIFTIS), Beijing , 28May -1st June 2012
    • Prospects for integrating India into Asian Production Network, presented at the Second Technical Workshop for ADBI/ADB’s Study on ‘Role of Key Emerging Economies—ASEAN, PRC, and India—for a Balanced, Sustainable, and Resilient Asia’ at New Delhi, 18-20 August 2011
    • Linking trade policy and industrial policy: Some insights from India”, presented at the ARTNeT Symposium: “Towards a Return of Industrial Policy?”, 25-26 July 2011, UN, Bangkok
    • Future Platform for APTA Business Sector Meeting at the APTA Business Sector Meeting, 25th July, 2011, UN, Bangkok
    • India- ASEAN FTA: Implication of Phased Liberalisation (co-authored), presented at the 14th Annual Conference on Global Economic Analysis(16-18 June, 2011), Venice, Italy
    • “Mapping the Universe of Services Disciplines in PTAs: The Indian Contribution” (coauthored), paper presented at the conference on “Strategies to enhance Competitiveness and Facilitate Regional Trade and Investment in Services”, organized by Pacific Economic Cooperation Council and the Asian Development Bank Institute at Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 1 -3 June, 2011
    • Efficient Mechanism of Trade data Exchange among APTA members’, for APTA Secretariat. The paper has been presented in the 35th Standing Committee Meeting held at Seoul, Korea Rep, 12-14th Dec. 2009.
    • Resource person for ARTNet Capacity development programme on Competitiveness Analysis for GMS Countries at Hanoi, Vietnam, 03-05 Jun 2009.
    • Structure and Trade Pattern of Auto-Component Industry: Performance of Select Asian Countries, Presented in the Research Workshop on Emerging Trade Issues for Developing Countries in Asia-Pacific Region, organized by ESCAP and WTO at Macao (China) on 10-11 December 2007.
    • Domestic Policy response to Trade and Investment Liberalisation, Presented at the Expert Group Meeting on Policy Coherence for managing Globalisation, organized by UNESCAP at Bangkok on 11th September 2007.
    • Implication of Asia Pacific Trade Agreement (APTA) on Papua New Guinea (PNG), Presented in the National Seminar on for Trade & Investment atPort Moresby, Papua New Guinea, 8th May 2007.
    • Participated as discussant in the Conference on “Towards BIMSTEC-Japan Comprehensive Economic Cooperation: Sri Lankan Perspective”  on 17th August 2007, at Colombo, Sri Lanka organized by Institute of Policy Studies, Colombo and Centre for Studies in International Relations and Development, India.
    •  “Asian Integration Process and BIMSTEC”, presented in the 2nd International Conference on ‘Towards BIMSTEC-Japan Comprehensive Economic Cooperation: Vision of a New BIMSTEC’ in Bangkok, Thailand  (7th & 8th December 2006)
    •  “A Note on Firm Level Capital Stock Measurement”, presented in the  30th   Annual Conference of Economists organised by Economic Society of Australia, in University  of Western Australia, Perth  in Sept 2001.
    • Varying Capacity Utilisation Due to  Slow Adjustments of Quasi-fixed Factors and its Impact on Productivity and Efficiency Measurement: A Case Study of Indian Pharmaceutical Industry”, presented in 6th Spring Meeting of Young Economist at Institute of Economics, University of Copenhagen, Denmark in April 2001.
    • India's Exports to EU: A Critical Evaluation", presented in the 9th General Conference of European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes held in Paris on 22-25th September, 1999


    • India's Trade Sensitive Employment: Analysis at the Sectoral Level (Co-authored); presented at the Conference on Jobless Growth in South Asia organised by World Bank and Indian Statistical Institute on March 8th, 2018, at Delhi.
    • Normalising Automobile Trade between India and Pakistan: Concerns and Way Forward; presented at the  Annual Conference on Normalizing India-Pakistan Trade 21-22 January, 2014; Organised by ICRIER, New Delhi
    • Value Co-Creation in Medical Service: Potential for Sino-Indian Collaboration (co-authored) presented at Third EIITF Conference at IIFT, Kolkata 10-11 Jan 2013.
    • “India’s  Engagement with Free Trade Agreements : what’s there for business” presented at the ‘Capacity Building Seminar on WTO, FTA, Regional Integration and International Issues’ held on 27-28th July, 2012 at Kolkata organsied by FICCI, ITC, Geneva, FIEO and Centre for WTO Studies
    • International Production Network: New Dimension in International Business at National Conference on Economic Growth and Sustainable Development: Issues and Challenges, on 24th March 2012 at St. Xavier’s College, Jaipur
    • India’s Trade Prospect of Petrochem Products at India’s First Petrochem Conclave on 16th March 2012. http://www.petrochemconclave.com/conclave.pdf
    • India-Japan Relations: Trends and Prospect, 29th Feb 2012, New Delhi, organized by Sasakawa Peace Foundation and ICRIER
    • Future Outlook for Japanese FDI in Eastern India at the Seminar on Japanese Investment in Eastern India: Trends and Prospects" 30th August, 2011, Kolkata, organized by ICRIER and ICC.
    • Invited to participate and present in India-Sri Lanka Dialogue, organised by Asian Institute of Transport Development, New Delhi in Association with Institute of Policy Studies, Sri Lanka on 21-22 Oct. 2010 at India International Centre, New Delhi
    • Sustainability of Trade Deficit in the Presence of Endogenous Structural Breaks: Evidences from Indian Economy (co-authored) presented by coauthor at the Indian Econometric Society Conference, Jammu, 4-6 March 2010
    • India-Bangladesh Trade Cooperation: Some Thoughts. Presented in the National Conference on Facilitating India – Bangladesh Bilateral Tradeorgainsed by Federation of Indian Export Organisations and Centre for Studies in International Relations and Development on 19th April 2008 at Kolkata
    • Services in Regional Trade Agreements: Implications for India (Co-authored); presented in the conference ‘Developing Nations in the World Economy: Recent Issues in International Trade and the WTO’, organized by UNCTAD, India and Jadavpur University, Kolkata on 17th-18th April 2008.
    • Trade and Investment in Parts and Components: Performance of some Select Asian Economies (Co-authored), presented in the International Conference on Globalization, FDI and Development" during 29-30 January 2008, organized by Department of Economics, University of Kalyani, West Bengal (India).
    • Understanding Sino-Indian Economic Relationship: Towards Developing New Age of Partnership (coauthored). The article was presented by the second author in National Seminar on India-China Border Trade: A Strategy for Frontier Development on 5th & 6th March 2007, at Gangtok, Sikkim, organized by Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR), North Eastern Regional Centre.
    • "WTO and Its Impact on Indian Small and Medium Entrepreneurs", prepared for the Workshop organised by Indian Institute of Entrepreneurs, Guwahati, sponsored by SIDBI held on 23rd and 24th March, 2000. A modified version of this paper has been presented in Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), New Delhi on 25th July 2000
    • Harnessing Trade Potential Between India and the European Union”, (Co-authored): Presented in the International seminar on Europe and South Asia 500 years held on 16,17 and 18 of May 1998 at Calicut and Cochin (India)
    • On Measurement of Technical Efficiency” (1997), presented at CESP, JNU
    • The Logic Behind Equity & Debt Finance and its Effects on Expenditure Growth in Indian Electronic Industry – An Econometric study (1994), presented at CESP/JNU.

    Additional Infomation 

    • Coordinator of IIFT’s Second Research Conference on ‘Empirical Issues in International Trade & Finance (http://eiitf.iift.ac.in) held in Dec. 2010. The conference was attended by hundreds of participants. Number of researchers from different countries (including, USA, UK, France, Denmark, etc)  presented their papers.
    • Chaired a Session on Political Economy of Trade and Investment in the International Conference on Changing Structure and International Trade and Investment: Implications for Growth and Development ,2-3 March, 2011 Organised by Department of Economics Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi
    • Participated in the meeting of Project Advisory Committee on “Study on Export Potential of Consultancy Services in African and Latin American Countries” on 13th July 2007. The Project has been supported by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India.
    • Wrote the Theme Chapter ‘Impact of Rupee Appreciation on Indian Exports’ for the Annual Report 2007 of the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India
    • Reviewed the Joint Study Group’s Report on India-Russia Trade Cooperation for Govt. of India in 2006.

    Research & Consultancy

    Trade Policy & Development including WTO, Private Sector Development (focus on technology, SMEs, Resource use, infrastructure etc.), International Production Network, Trade Facilitation issues, Trade and Development issues (such as Poverty, employment, gender and scarce resource use), International Business including Strategy issues, Marketing Research (Quantitative and Qualitative), Consumer Behaviour Analysis, etc. 

    Selected Research Studies  and Consultancy Projects 

    • Trade Impact of WP 29 on India: An Analysis of possible effects of adopting the 1958 Agreement for SIAM, India
    • Implication of FTA and other Trade Issues on Chemical and Petrochemical Sector, for Chemical and Pterchemical Ministry, GoI
    • Impact of FTAs on Indian Copper Industry for Primary Copper Producers 
    • Market Access issues of Indian Imports: Conformity Assessment, Local Content Requirements and other Regulatory Issues for European Union  
    • Team Leader in a project sponsored by International Finance Corporation, World Bank “Bilateral Investment Flows & Potential Opportunities in Select South Asian Countries”
    • Global Economic Meltdown & India’s External Sector (2010) jointly with Tanya Sinha for the theme Chapter of the Annual Report of Ministry of Commerce, GoI
    • Designing Gender Sensitive Foreign Trade Policy for India, for Ministry of Commerce (2009)
    • Assessing the growth of service trade between India and Singapore
    • The India-Sri Lanka FTA And Its Implications: Experience of Select Indian Industries (2009) for Ministry of Commerce
    • Assessing Potentiality  of trade Cooperation between India and Jordan for Ministry of Commerce (2009)
    • Assessing Barriers on India’s Services Exports and out-bound Investment’, Report submitted in March 2009.
    • Worked in the Economic Analysis Component of the Project “Study on Subsidies Disciplines in Natural Resource Pricing” sponsored by UNCTAD, India in 2007.
    • Engaged in writing the theme topic of the 60th Commission Session of the UN-ESCAP. The topic was ‘Meeting the Challenges in an Era of Globalisation By Strengthening Regional Development Cooperation’ in 2003-04. The study concentrated on regional cooperation in trade, transport and ICT area. Growing need of financial cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region have also been studied. The book is available in the websitehttp://www.unescap.org/pdd/publications/regcoop/index.asp
    • Prospects of India-Israel Free Trade Agreement for Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India (2008)
    • Gauging the Prospect of India-GCC FTA for Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India (2008)
    • An Analysis of Automobile Industry in Select Asian Countries: Comparison of Production, Trade and Market Structure (2007), self sponsored study by IIFT
    • Potential for Bilateral Economic Cooperation between India and China (2007), self sponsored study by IIFT
    • Integrating India into International/Asian Production Network: Prospects and Challenges for ADB Institute, Tokyo
    • Conducted Evidence Review for DFIDGovt. of UK on skill development, low cost housing and innovation for private sector development in India
    • Trade Facilitation and Non Tariff barriers in India Sri Lanka Trade. The study is being organized by Research and Information System (RIS) on behalf of Asian Development Bank 
    • A Complete study material on WTO from Nepalese perspective for EC-Nepal WTO Assistance Programme
    • International Production Network and Rules of Origin (RoO) for Asia-Pacific Research and Training Network
    • Trade data exchange among APTA members for APTA Secretariat, UN
    • Study conducted for Government of India to assist in India-EU negotiation on trade agreement. Two separate reports were prepared for Postal & Courier Sector and Audio-Visual Sector for India. The study was organized by ICRIER
    • Strategies for New Product Development, Management and Marketing of some selected Apparel products for Apparel Export Promotion Council