About Us

Name : Dr. R.P. Sharma

Function : Associate Professor

Email : rpsharma@iift.edu


M.A. ( Geography), MBA, Ph.D.

Areas of Interest / Specialization

Interest Areas: Sales and Distribution Management, Marketing of services, International marketing, Marketing of financial services

Work Experience

  • i) Teaching: 18 years
  • Associate Professor  at IIFT since 7 Nov. 2007
  • Has acted as Program Director of MBA (IB) 2009-11 , MBA (IB) 2008-11 and 2006-09 batches at Kolkata campus 
  • Faculty  at AESPGIBM, Now AMSOM (Ahmedabad University) during Nov. 2000- Aug. 2007.
    o Coordinator, Placement Cell (2001-2003)
    o Coordinator, MDP Cell (2005-2007)

    • As lecturer at Institute of Management Studies, Bikaner (1987-1989).

    • Regular visiting faculty at Ahmedabad Management Association, Entrepreneurship Development Institute, MS Patel Institute of Management Studies, Baroda, Nirma Institute of Management, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India etc.

    • Faculty resource for UGC refresher programs for training college teachers.

    ii) Corporate Experience: 11 years.

    The experience has been in the areas of institutional sales, branch management and marketing of services with renowned organizations as follows:

    1. Sr. Manager (Marketing & Services) at Permionics, Baroda (1999-October, 2000). As head of marketing and technical services teams, I was responsible for business development through marketing planning, implementation and control.

    2. Marketing Manager at Shilchar Electronics Ltd. (Vending machines & Smartcard division), Baroda during 1997-1999. Successfully created a network of business associates and headed teams for marketing the fully automatic merchandisers and the plastic money solutions.

    3. Sr. Faculty-cum-Business Manager at NIS Sparta, Ahmedabad. Conducted sales and marketing training for several organizations (1996-97).
    4.Station Manager, AFL Logistics (Airfreight Limited) from July 1994 to October 1996. Had profit centre responsibility for business development, operations and customer care. Also acted as an Internal Instructor for Quality Improvement Process Management and Quality Education System of Philip Crosby Associates.

    5. Territory Manager at Eureka Forbes Ltd. (Institutional sales Division) Ahmedabad (1991-94) responsible for sales of cleanliness and hygiene products of the company.

    iii) Consulting/Corporate Training

    • Sales and marketing consultant/trainer for National Dairy Development Board, Gujarat Ambuja Cements, Cadila Pharmaceuticlas, Claris Lifesciences, Gruh Finance, Firstflight Couriers and Eureka Forbes. The program themes included Leading the sales teams, Interpersonal skills for marketing managers, 3 D sales professionals, Value-driven marketing services, Striving for service excellence, Quality Improvement Process Management, Effective communication & presentation skills etc. Also trained the senior officers of Gujarat Police in community oriented policing  when police was trying to do image makeover post 2002 riots. 

    • A certified trainer of Philip Crosby Associates Inc., USA on Quality Improvement Process Management.


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10.  An empirical study of life insurers in India. SCOUR,  Vol. 01 No. 02,  July 2007  ISSN 0973- 6123; Journal of Institute of Productivity & Management, India.

Research projects

1.      Rangarajan K,  Sharma, RP  & Sarkar D. :  CAPEXIL Strategic Plan, 2009

2.      Dutta, G, Sharma RP & Ghosh, TP: Declining Trends in Exports of Handicrafts from  India, 2009


1.      Sharma, RP: The role of sales leaders in sales effectiveness: Perception of sales reps in India, Book of proceedings of  Evidence Based Management (ICEBM 2015) by BITS, Pilani, March 2015,Excellent Publishing House, Vol. II, ISBN: 978-93-84935-18-4.   

2.      Sharma, RP and Sarkar, Pallabi Pal: Employee and customer perception about women entrepreneurs leading service businesses in India, Volume II of  the Eleventh Biennial Conference on Entrepreneurship, EDI, Ahmedabad; Publisher: Bookwell, ISBN: 978-93-80574-76-9.   

3.      Sharma RP: Selling Services in Emerging Markets - An empirical study of sales force management in Indian life insurance organizations in the Proceedings of 6th IIMA conference on Marketing in Emerging Economies, Jan. 2015,   ISBN 978-81-920800-3-1.

4.      “Multi-channel distribution in life insurance: utopia or reality?”, The Alternate, Journal for proceedings on  International seminar organized by Waljat Colleges of Applied Sciences, Muscat (September 2006)


1.      Sharma, RP: Branding Indian Tea for higher export unit value realization: IIFT’s Fifth International Conference on Empirical Issues in Trade and Finance, December 16-17, 2016 at Kolkata Campus.

2.      Sharma, RP: The role of sales leaders in sales effectiveness: Perception of sales reps in India at the First International Conference on Evidence Based Management 2015 (ICEBM 2015), March 20-21, 2015, at BITS Pilani

3.      Sharma, RP: Role of India in accelerating growth of services sector in Tanzania, IIFT & IFM Conference at Dar es Salaam, 6 March, 2015

4.      Sharma, RP and Sarkar, Pallabi Pal: Employee and customer perception about women entrepreneurs leading service businesses in India, at the Eleventh Biennial Conference on Entrepreneurship organized by Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India. Ahmedabad,  18-20 Feb., 2015

5.      Sharma, RP  & Maheshwari, N: Sustainable Development through green practices: An exploratory study on selected hotels of Kolkata, 5th Annual International Conference on Innovations and best practices in business, human and other Earth resources management at IISWBM, Kolkata,  Jan. 15-16, 2015

6.      Sharma RP: Selling services in Emerging markets: An empirical study of sales force management in Indian life insurance organizations, 6th IIMA Conference on Marketing in Emerging Economies, January 7-9, 2015

7.      Sharma RP and Sarkar, Pallabi P: An empirical study of marketing to the rural poor in North Kerala at the Third International Marketing Conference, MARCON 2014 at IIM Calcutta, Dec. 18-20, 2014

8.      Sharma RP & Sharma GN:  A new perspective in cement marketing: Augmenting the  product presented in the national conference at Pacific University, 6-7 April 2013

9.      Sharma, RP  & Maheshwari, N: Green marketing practices of Indian organizations presented in the national conference at Pacific University, 6-7 April 2013

10.  Life insurance marketing In India: Leveraging the strengths of multi channel distribution, Journal of Marketing Trends, 8th Marketing trends congress, Paris (2009).


Have written and presented papers at various conferences organized by Mahatma Gandhi Labour Institute, Ahmedabad

Professional / Academic Affiliations

1.Member, Research Projects Review Committee, Mahatma Gandhi Labour Institute, Ahmedabad

2. Member, Curriculum Design Committee for the event management. program, Govt. of Gujarat

3. Member, Ahmedabad Management Association

4. Member, Public Relations Society of India, Ahmedabad Chapter

5. Member, Advisory Board, Euro School, Ahmedabad