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Name : Dr. Saswati Tripathi

Function : Associate Professor

Email : saswati@iift.edu





Starting with highest qualification obtained

September 1991

November 1994

Andhra University

(NET Qualified CSIR Fellow)

Ph.D. (Mathematics)

January 1990

August 1991

University of Calcutta

(2nd Position in University)

M.Phil. (Applied Mathematics)

August 1987

August 1989

University of Calcutta

(3rd Position in University)

M.Sc. (Applied Mathematics)

July 1983

August 1986 (Results published in June 1987)

Presidency College, Kolkata

(1st Position in College)

B.Sc. (Hons. In Mathematics)

April 1981

March 1983

Bethune College, Kolkata

Higher Secondary

April 1979

March 1981

Sister Nivedita Girls’ School, Kolkata

Madhyamik Pariksha

Academic distinctions:

Awarded CSIR Senior Research Fellowship during 1992-95.

Awarded CSIR Junior Research Fellowship during 1990-92.

Qualified in NET examination in 1989.

Qualified in GATE examination in 1989.

Awarded National Merit Scholarship during 1981-1986.

SCOR trained professional in Supply Chain Management in 2014

Certifiedd SCOR-P Professional conferred by APICS,USA ( International Certification from APICS for Supply Chain Professionals)

Received Best Faculty Award

Areas of Interest / Specialization

Profile of Dr. Saswati Tripathi :

A post graduate rank holder in applied mathematics and M.Phil rank holder from Calcutta University. Completed Doctoral Degree from Andhra University with prestigious CSIR Fellowship. Currently involved in teaching of courses in Quantitative Methods and operations area with a post gradute teaching and research experience of more than 22 years. Involved in academic administration for more than fourteen years. Specializes in Supply chain management focusing on quantification of supply chain problems of the firm and industry. Certified SCOR-P Professional conferred by APICS,USA. Research interests include firm and industry specific supply chain problems and policy effectiveness in supply chains with reference to TPOs.

 Area of Interest: Supply Chain Management, Operations Management, Operations Research, Business Statistics, Business Research Methods, Linear & nonlinear Differential Eqations

Work Experience

1 Research:

Name of the Organization

At the level of



University of Calcutta

Junior Research Fellow (CSIR)

February, 1990

August, 1991 (While pursuing M.Phil)

Andhra University

Junior Research Fellow (CSIR)

September, 1991

January, 1993

Andhra University

Senior Research Fellow (CSIR)

February, 1993

January, 1995

Title of Ph.D Thesis: Structured population with instantaneous migration & harvesting with quiescence

Name of Ph.D Supervisor: Prof. S. V. Krishna 

2 Teaching:

Name of the Organization

At the level of



Indian Institute of Foreign Trade

Till Date

Teaching Business Statistics, Business Research Methods, Operations Research, operations Management and Supply Chain Managment



                International Journals:

1. Saswati Tripathi, K. Rangarajan, Bijoy Talukder, 2018 . "Benchmarking Supply Chain Performance- A Case Study in Indian Petroleum Sector" Journal of Supply Chain Management Systems

2.   K. Rangarajan, Saswati Tripathi and Gargi Basu, 2014. “Competitiveness of India in Sports Goods Exports” Journal of International Business Education, vol. 9: pp. 125-144, 2014, Neilson Journals Publishing.

3.  Minocha, Bhawna and Tripathi, Saswati., 2013. “ A Hybrid Ant Colony System Algorithm for Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows”, International Journal of Emerging Technologies In Computational And Applied Sciences, Vol. 4, Issue 1, pp. 92-96

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5. Minocha, Bhawna and Tripathi, Saswati., 2011. “Solving Time constrained Vehicle Routing Problem using Hybrid Genetic Algorithm”, The Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science, Vol.3 Issue 2, pp. 192-201.

6. Rangarajan, K, Tripathi, Saswati and Sarkar, Debarti., 2011. “Country Level Strategies in International Trade Promotion – Gaps & Remedies (A case Study of India)”- International Journal for Business Education, Neilson Journals, Vol 6, pp. 17-38.

7. Minocha, Bhawna and Tripathi, Saswati., 2006. “Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows: An Evolutionary Algorithmic Approach”, Algorithmic Operations Research, Vol 1, Issue 2, pp. 1-15.

8. S.V Krishna and Saswati Bhattacharyya, “Study of structured population with quiescent state”, Journal ofDifferential Equations & Dynamical Systems, vol.1, Number 4, pp. 325-340

9. S.V Krishna and Saswati Bhattacharyya, “Impulsive effect on structured populations - conditions for permanence & persistence”. Non-Linear World, vol.4, no.3

10. Saswati Bhattacharyya and C.G Chakravarti, “On the dynamics of age structured population”. Bull. Cal. Math. Society, vol.83-199, pp. 297-304

11. Minocha, Bhawna and Tripathi, Saswati,2012.Solving School Bus Routing Problem using Hybrid Genetic Algorithm – A case study”, International Conference on Soft Computing for Problem Solving (ScoPros-2012), Jaipur, India, December 28-30, 2012. Published in Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing,Springer, vol. 236, pp. 93-103

12. Minocha, Bhawna; Tripathi, Saswati and Mohan. C. 2011. “Solving Vehicle Routing and Scheduling problem using Hybrid Genetic Algorithm”. IEEE Proceedings of 3rd International Conference on Electronics Computer Technology- ICECT 2011, Kanyakumari, India, April 8-10, 2011, Vol. 2, pp. 189-193.

13.  Minocha, Bhawna and Tripathi, Saswati, “Evolutionary Metaheuristic Approaches for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows” Proceedings of Asian Applied Computing Conference on Computing, published by Imperial College Press, UK; Kathmandu, April 10-12, 2005, pp. 435-445.


    Professional / Academic Affiliations

    1. Faculty In Charge of Exam-Cell, Kolkata from 2010 -2016
    2. Programme Director of MBA (IB) 2014-16
    3. Programme Director of MBA (IB) 2007-10
    4. Discipline Group Coordinator of Quantitative Techniques & Operations Group, 2007-2012 and from 2013 0nwards
    5. Member, Library Committee
    6. Member, Contract Committee
    7. Chairperson, Internal Complaints Committee, IIFT Kolkata