Koshish – Social Awareness Cell

Koshish – Social Awareness Cell Kolkata

Koshish, the social awareness cell at IIFT Kolkata participated in Bhumi s Joy To The World

'Do we contribute to society because we are successful or are we successful because we contribute to society?'
At 'Koshish' – the Social Awareness Cell of IIFT, we lay a platform for the students to contribute towards creating a shared value for the society.

The club activities are dedicated towards:

  • Sensitizing the budding future managers and entrepreneurs towards the needs and grass roots problems of the society.
  • Spreading the message of social, ecological and ethical responsibility amongst the students who are the leaders of tomorrow.
  • Understanding what ‘ethical consumerism’, ‘socially responsible investing’ and so on mean.
  • Being aware of the CSR initiatives taken in the industry.

An insight into some of the activities undertook by Koshish during previous years:

  • Samanvaya: A social event followed by a cultural program (dance, skit etc.) performed by the talented children of the invited NGOs.
  • Blood Donation Camp (a regular feature every year) on our Foundation Day 16th July.
  • Social Awareness Programme: This is a part of the curriculum of MBA (IB).The objective is exposure of students to the working of NGOs. It is a 3-week long engagement, to be completed in the 3rd trimester. Students work with the NGOs in developing solutions to the existing bottlenecks. We are currently associated with names such as the likes of Ramakrishna Mission, Hope Foundation, Tomorrow's Foundation, Don Bosco Ashalayam, Bikas Bharti and many more.
  • Being aware of the CSR initiatives taken in the industry.

Contact us: kolkoshish@iift.ac.in


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