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What is Economics?
From Aristotle, defining economics as a science of household management to Adam Smith explaining it as a science which enquires into the nature and causes of the wealth of nations, the field of economics has had its fair share of explanations. Keynesian economists examine it as a theory of total spending and its effect on inflation and output. But if we analyze all these explanations the characteristic that stands out the most, is the ability to choose in the face of uncertainty. Economics enables us to make a better choice and also understand its consequences.

I.E.S, the economics society at IIFT, is committed to enhancing the experience of economics students. It provides a platform for students to link their theoretical knowledge with the practical world by presenting them with an opportunity to interact with policymakers, economists and industry experts in India and abroad. The club aims at keeping students abreast with new advances in the field of contemporary economics. The objectives of the club are streamlined specifically to enhance the learning experience of the students.




# To create a platform (e.g. magazine, etc) for the students to have a deeper understanding of concepts and ensure practical application of knowledge through the act of analysing contemporary topics in the field of trade and economics.

# To conduct seminars and grooming sessions for the students in order to prepare them for the corporate and research roles of the future.

# To provide a wholesome approach to the course by making students aware about the new technologies and career options that they can learn and explore, in order to prepare them to take on the challenges of the fast-paced modern economies.

# To organize group discussions, academic lectures, various team-building exercises, and other workshops to help students in enhancing their people skills and create a presence that exudes professionalism, leadership, confidence, and elegance.

# To promote a richer understanding of economics as a discipline and as a tool to wade through the complexities of operating any organization during uncertainty.


One of the main endeavours undertaken by the IES is to publish ECOlibrium - The Economic Magazine of IIFT. It is an open-access magazine published on both online and offline mediums. The magazine aims at discussing the contemporary economic and trade issues through an analytical lens, thus providing a comprehensive overview of the economic policies to its readers. In a post-truth world, the magazine acts as a guiding light that helps its readers to navigate towards a more informative and accurate understanding of economics with the help of best quality of data that is available.

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