Melange(Cultural Committee)

Melange(Cultural Committee)

Melange – The cultural committee of IIFT has been actively involved in making student life at IIFT enjoyable and providing a platform to students to showcase their talents and interact at social gatherings thus enhancing the camaraderie among students and helping them relax in the course of MBA curriculum.
Melange’s activities in the academic session begin with Fresher’s party, which helps juniors to get used to IIFT and interact with second year students at a more personal level. The organization of Food and Cold drinks served is done by Melange on contribution by students. The Reverse Fresher’s and the farewell is given by the first year students to the seniors. The host students conduct an entertainment show comprised of activities from Drama to dance to singing and it is coordinated by Melange.
Melange also organizes the inter – section sports and cultural competition – ‘Big Fight’ which keeps students involved and brings about engagement, interaction and enthusiasm among students and helps in developing skills of leadership, sportsmanship, team spirit and healthy competitive spirit which are important attributes in the corporate environment. The committee organizes all the festival celebrations, which include celebration of Lohri, Janmashtami, Holi and Eid among others.
The cultural committee is also responsible for organizing the annual management and cultural festival of IIFT, Quo Vadis. Quo Vadis attracts participation from the top-20 B- schools of our country and the cultural events of Quo Vadis bring in talent from undergraduate colleges of Delhi as well. Melange members are involved in organizing the event as well as raising sponsorship from corporate partners for the event.
The cultural committee is very instrumental to provide students of IIFT, who are budding corporates, in enjoying a break from the rigorous MBA curriculum and helps them in pursuing their talents and develop qualities which complement a quality education in becoming a successful leader in the longer run.


Cultural Secretary
  Name Contact No. Email
Arnav Gupta 9953803179 

Executive Members
  Name Contact No. Email
Sagar Dembla 9978116933
Stuti Uppal 9643061725
Apoorv Pandey 9899935829
Shrey Agarwal 9958871277
Tanmayee Takalkar 9158489597 
Urvashi Pande 9639837887
Udbhav Prasad 9586998990
Abhishek Tripathi 8178375902
Siddharth Jain 9039439479
Rohan Singhal 9958435823
Manjori Raha 9662271226
Peeyush 9471710694
Shashank Mehrotra 9650990894
Sujanitha R 8939212230