OpSigma, The Supply Chain, Operations & Energy Club at IIFT

OpSigma, The Supply Chain, Operations & Energy Club at IIFT

"If you cannot describe what you are doing as a process, you do not know what you are doing."  - W Edwards Deming


OpSigma, the Supply Chain, Operations and Energy Club of IIFT was launched in March 2014. It was earlier known as the Energy, Operations and Manufacturing (EOM) Club. OpSigma exemplifies the need of today’s world to migrate towards lean and tries to highlight the ever-increasing OpSigma and results of sustainability in today’s Supply Chain, Operations, Energy and related aspects in an organization and our planet, as a whole.


Operations has always been the most important aspect for an organization since the days of Henry Ford. Be it in terms of inventory and going lean or a continuous drive towards sustainability and green energy, it has gained even more prominence now than ever before. Its OpSigma encompasses the entire value chain and that is where ‘OpSigma’ tries to make its mark. OpSigma, through its activities and publications, will try to foster a culture towards pursuing a challenging and rewarding role in Supply Chain as a career.

The Relevance of Club

OpSigma has continuously been engaged in activities of advancement of knowledge in the field of Operations Management. Under the aegis of Trade Winds and Headstart thought leadership series, we aim to gain insights from industry professionals. Organizing inter- and intra-college competitions through use of case studies, quizzes and discussions is on our agenda too. We serve as the go-to source for all technical clarifications and clearing of doubts with respect to Operations-related topics.

In the business arena, Operations Management and Energy Management have tremendous potential as shown by Ford, Walmart and Dell that have redefined new management practices that have acquired global acceptance. In today’s context, it is extremely essential to establish a strong theoretical base of Operations along with practical knowledge of the best-in-class practices. These concepts of operations management are equally relevant in service sectors too.

Activities of the Club

IIFTians live to explore the unexplored and reign in every field with full might. Under the role of eminent faculty and through rigorous curriculum and myriad live projects, IIFT is heading towards success in the field of operations.Various initiatives are taken to ensure the seamless transfer of knowledge and to tackle the challenges posed globally to the sectors of our interest. Our goal is to utilize the knowledge and efforts of today’s business leaders, and create the executives, entrepreneurs and policy-makers of tomorrow.

National Operations Conclave: As part of our constant drive to facilitate industry- academia partnership, OpSigma (erstwhile EOM) has been organizing the National Operations Conclave on an annual basis. Industry stalwarts have graced the occasion over the years and the Conclave has lived up to its expectation of being a breeding ground of new ideas and thoughts in the current business environs. Such events have been organized in association with CII, ASSOCHAM, NASSCOM, FICCI and other organizations of repute. Eminent personalities such as Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, Dr C Rangarajan, Mr M Damodaran, Mr Adi Godrej, Dr D Subbarao, Mr RC Bhargava, Mr Santosh Desai, Mr SK Roongta have graced the occasion in the past.
Topics discussed in the conclave are as under -

Developing Agility and responsiveness in the supply chain in the wake of permanent volatility.

Other Events and Activities:

The club hosts its flagship event as part of the Annual Management Fest of IIFT, Quo Vadis. Students from across the nation compete against each other in nerve-wracking case studies to emerge as the Operations Champions for the year.

OpSigma also has a magazine, ‘KaleidoOpSigma’ which aims to bring out all the latest developments in the field of energy and supply chain across the world. The magazine complements the vision of the club to foster a culture of Operations and Energy in the institute by keeping the participants abreast with the latest in the industry.

Course Structure
Core Courses
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Operations Research
  • Operations Management
Elective Courses
  • Advanced SCM
  • Procurement and Materials Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
  • Advanced Forecasting Techniques for Business Applications
  • TQM and 6 Sigma
  • Multivariate Data Analysis and Forecasting Techniques

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