Quintessential – The Quizzing Cell


Quintessential – The Quizzing Cell

Known for its rich tradition of being a knowledge centre, IIFT has developed a Quizzing Culture that transcends the generations of students that have passed through its hallowed corridors. With inquisitiveness being the hallmark of a true leader, IIFT has forever furthered the cause of acquiring knowledge that is very essential to achieve success in today’s competitive environment.

The main functions of the club include:

  • Conducting regular quizzes for its members
  • Holding IIFT’s Annual B-School and Corporate Quizzes during Quo Vadis
  • Preparing the participants for major quizzes like Tata Crucible, Mahindra Auto Quotient, EY Quiz, etc.

Quintessential operates in an informal setting, with all members encouraged to conduct quizzes of their own. The close-knit community regularly makes a mark in various national level quizzes and strives to uphold the rich quizzing culture existing here.