Socrates, The Consulting & Strategy Club Kolkata

Socrates, The Consulting & Strategy Club Kolkata

Socrates club was founded with a vision to form a bridge between the consulting industry and the students at IIFT. Our mission is to help the students understand the industry, analyze and solve the real time strategic challenges faced by the businesses. The club assists the students extricate all the confusion that they might have regarding the domain and ensures that they have enough dry-run in decision making, value addition and strategic management before moving on to the Consulting macrocosm.

Objectives :
  • • To provide a platform so that each member gets ultimate exposure and information about the consulting industry. To edify the students about what the industry is, different type of consulting firms, their roles and functions.
  • Enable each member to make a well-informed career decision
  • To inculcate apposite skill-set in the students and foster analytical skills required in the domain.
  • To help the members to put their learning into perspective through participation in various B-School events, corporate competitions and live projects.

Socrates club has a 4 point agenda:

  • To Discover:
    How one can relate to a consulting role?
    Through speaker series/guest lectures by consultants and peer-to-peer knowledge transfer sessions of various tools used in the consulting firms.
  • To Take up Learning:
    Once the members have made up their mind on where they want to go post IIFT the next stage that comes is the learning. The club provides a comprehensive knowledge database consisting of mock case videos and company resources. Simulated Consulting Activity helps in creating opportunities for members with no consulting experience to work on simulated consulting modules prepared by members possessing prior experience based on their real world engagement. This process also assists the experienced members to polish their skill set by absorbing new strategies and thinking pattern.
  • To Assimilate:
    Understanding the industry, analyzing and solving the real time strategic challenges faced by the businesses is the need of the hour. The consultant of today needs to think on his feet. This is ensured by providing live project opportunities to the members so that they get ample hands-on experience.
  • To Take the Plunge:
    To prepare the members in the best possible way for the placements, the club provides consulting casebook which comprises of extensive case overviews, case solving frameworks and interviews with alumni. The club also conducts mock interviews, strategy tools application workshop, and corporate simulation. Newsletters by the club keep the members abreast of the latest development in the domain.

Contact us:

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Abhilash Aswal 9958569629
Vivek Gulati 9953977497