Cloud Infrastructure (Server and Storage)

IIFT’s data centre, which is 180 square feet, has 3 CISCO Unified Communication Server connected to FC based EMC Unified Storage of almost 15TB. These servers offer a cloud solution using VMware. Apart from above, IIFT has 6 rack mounted mid-size server catering to different activities of the Institute.

DNS Server : Primary and Secondary DNS server is hosted in the IIFT’s Data Centre.

Mail Server : IIFT has its own mail server running on Novell Groupwise. Mail accounts are provided to all students during their studies for their interaction with different communities.

Web Server : Institute has its own web server for all web related activities.

File Server : Faculty of the Institute has been allocated storage space in the Unified Storage, which can be accessed through the internet.

Print Server : Printing facilities have been extended to all students of the Institute for academic activities.

Content Filtering Server : Unwanted Internet content is filtered.

RDBMS Server : Oracle & SQL are the two primary RDBMS server being used for in-house application and training.

On-line database(s) : Institute has access to different national and international databases for academic and research purposes.