Sports Committee

Sports Committee

Adrenaline, The Sports Committee of IIFT has a clear purpose- To brighten the lives of the student community through sport.

Adrenaline comprises of 4 members- Gaurav Sharma (Sports Secretary), Chandraket Mall, Deep Parikh and Palak Jain. We understand that sport is something that gives people the purest form of joy. And all our work is directed towards enhancing and improving the ways of providing this joy. You can read about sport, you can talk about it and you can even write about it, but nothing beats the feeling of actually stepping onto the field and experiencing those sporting emotions for yourself. We help all students realize those sporting emotions on an everyday basis at IIFT.

Despite having one of the most gruelling academic framework, students ensure that they participate in a large corpus of sports, be it Futsal, Cricket, Badminton, Basketball, Volleyball, Throwball, Table Tennis, Chess, Carom, Online Gaming and Poker. Adrenaline prepares the sports budget for an academic year in accordance with the sports budget sanctioned by the institute and subsequently procures all the sports equipment.

We are responsible for conducting the Ultimate Warriors League (UWL) - the annual sports extravaganza at IIFT. A 10-day long event when sport takes centre stage at IIFT. UWL is a franchise-based tournament, with potential owners bidding for teams and then the actual team owners getting to bid for players. Apart from the sporting angle, UWL also encompasses roles for students in various functions such as Marketing, Finance, Operations, Consulting, IT, and the like. You won’t get a better chance to apply all your Management knowledge in a college event.

We also help the Melange Team (The Cultural Committee of IIFT) in conducting sports events in the Big Fight (an event in which there is a fight for supremacy amongst teams from Section A, B and C respectively).

These intra IIFT sports events help students hone their team coordination and individual skills, something that goes a long way while competing in inter college sports events. We participate in some of the major inter B-school sports events in India organized by IIM Ahmedabad, MDI Gurgaon, IMT Ghaziabad, FMS Delhi and IIM Rohtak respectively.

Our performances in these events have been spectacular too. In the academic year 2016-17 we were the Table Tennis champions at  MDI Gurgaon and DMS IIT Delhi and Runners Up at BIMTECH Noida, Cricket Champions at BIMTECH Noida and runners up in IIFT Cricket Tournament, Poker Champions at IMT Ghaziabad and second runners up at FMS Delhi. Our girls’ contingent was superb in winning Silver Medal in Basketball and Badminton at DMS IIT Delhi.

Sports Undersecretary
  Name Contact No. Email
Akshay Malik +91-9456193097,
Executive Members:
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Ankit Dayal +91-8011201650
Alina Patel +91-7701885712
Bhagyesh Badarshai +91-9574848558
Rajeeta Prasad +91-9174329739
Swejal Raj +91-8050242321