Students' Council(IMF)

Students' Council(IMF)

About IMF

This is the IIFT governing students' council which acts as a coordinator for, and provides administrative support to, various student activities and events at IIFT besides taking policy decisions regarding student affairs in consultation with the Director/Chairperson/Program Director.

IMF Delhi
IMF Kolkata

The IMF consists of ten elected members. Their roles and responsibilities are given below:

President / Vice-President

The President of IMF is the leader of the IMF and the other student bodies at IIFT. The functions of the President are as follows:

  • 1. To make representations on behalf of the student bodies and students of IIFT to the Director, IIFT; and carry out the Director’s directives and suggestions.
  • 2. Define a comprehensive yearly calendar of student activities with suitable projectization where necessary.
  • 3. To ensure the implementation of new student initiatives which are in line with IIFT’s vision.
  • 4. To coordinate the activities of various student bodies of IIFT and oversee their effective functioning.
  • 5. To convene and preside over the meetings of the Student Council.
  • 6. To convene batch meetings and preside over them.
Mohit Jain
Contact: +91-9429109062
Pranjal Chaturvedi
Contact: 8872484688
General Secretary / Joint General Secretary

The General Secretary is the administrative officer of the IMF. The functions of the General Secretary are:

  • 1.To prepare the agenda for IMF and Student Council meetings in consultation with members of IMF and other student bodies.
  • 2. To keep minutes of discussions at IMF and Student Council meetings.
  • 3. To make representations to the administration of IIFT on behalf of the students.
  • 4. To ensure proper functioning of the clubs and forums at IIFT.
  • 5. To organize TRADEWINDS and other seminars organized by IIFT.
  • 6. To act as treasurer of the IMF. In this capacity, s/he prepares the Budget and maintains accounts for all activities at IIFT.
Suhani Gupta
General Secretary
Contact: +91-8826966600
Arjun Gupta
Joint General Secretary
Cultural Secretary / Joint Cultural Secretary

The Culture Secretary is responsible for all cultural activities/inter-B-school events organized, or participated in, by IIFT. The functions of Culture Secretary are:

  • 1. To organize Quo Vadis, the cultural fest of IIFT.
  • 2. To organize cultural activities in IIFT like music nights, dramatics, debates etc.
  • 3. To encourage, ensure and coordinate for cultural activities and Inter B-school events organized by other B-schools or companies.
Sweekruti Mishra
Cultural Secretary
Contact: +91-7836993822
Shruti Priya
Joint Cultural Secretary
Contact: 9004248579
Alumni Coordinator / Joint Alumni Coordinator

The alumni coordinator maintains relations with alumni of IIFT. S/he is also responsible for organizing alumni interactions. The functions of alumni coordinator are:

  • 1. To publish the alumni newsletter ‘Alma Mater’ on a quarterly basis.
  • 2. To organize chapter meets at various locations for alumni.
  • 3. To add new chapters to the alumni body of IIFT.
  • 4. To organize alumni night at IIFT campus annually.
  • 5. To maintain database of alumni and keep updating it regularly.
  • 6. To organize interactions with alumni for interactions, placements etc.
Aviral Sharma
Alumni Coordinator
Contact: +91-9717490633
Vutukuru Koundinya
Joint Alumni Coordinator
Contact: 8977689970

Media Coordinator / Joint Media Coordinator

The media coordinator is responsible for all outgoing communications regarding IIFT activities. She is responsible for getting publicity and greater visibility for IIFT events. The functions of media Coordinator are:

  • 1. To maintain IIFT website and update it regularly, especially the media section.
  • 2. To organize city meets at various locations for aspirants.
  • 3. To help in getting media partnership for IIFT events.
  • 4. To help in development of brochures, posters and other communication material for any student activity at IIFT.
  • 5. To maintain a database of IIFT’s contacts in the media, and to regularly update this database.
Mihir Kumar
Media Coordinator
Vedantam Sai Sridhar
Joint Media Coordinator
Contact: 7893945566