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    IIFT Exchange Programme is an outcome of the institute’s academic collaboration with some of the leading institutions across the world. The academic collaborations are an endeavor towards show casing IIFT’s legacy of over four decades and the same time to also gain from the expertise of the partner intuitions. Each of these partners have created a name for themselves around the world. Theses collaborations are mainly for student and faculty exchanger programme, joint collaborations on research and various other capacity building exercise. As a outcome of the student faculty exchange programme both the partner intuitions gain outcome. Particularly, the student exchange programme has really picked up in the last five years. This is also because of the increase in the number of collaborations with premiere business schools. In the academic session 2007-08 fourteen students from IIFT went to various institutions across the globe. Inbound students to IIFT also has increased in the last few years. In the academic session 2007-08 six students from various universities of France came to IIFT campus as a part of the collaborative programme. As outbound students, they learn about the host country, pros-cultural aspects and adapting to completed different environment. Inbound students to IIFT are exposed to a multi-cultural and diversified environment. The faculty exchange programme initiated lately is also helping several faculty members to excess resources and thus gain out of the process. In the last academic session IIFT also invited several professors from the partnering institutions to handle courses at IIFT. In the long run the faculty exchange should be able to get on overdrive room.

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