Systemix,The Systems Consulting, E-Commerce and SMAC Club

Systemix,The Systems Consulting, E-Commerce and SMAC Club

"Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don't think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without the talking about the other." – Bill Gates

  • Aims to provide a platform where prospective young managers will gain experience with real-life issues and problems in the field of Technology.
  • Is dedicated in providing the know-how of E-Commerce industry and cater information of every aspect involved in bringing up of any e-commerce company – from setting up the platform to getting sellers listed and then reaching out to customers.
  • Provides as a platform where young managers can gain insight to the latest technology in IT field.
  • Particularly involved in imparting the knowledge about gamut of the most sustainable technologies to come up in recent times in IT – SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud) which helps in improving business competitiveness and drives innovation in businesses in varied sectors.
  • Is a communication platform between future managers and the industry, Systemix acquaints participants with the various career options in technology: from IT consulting to technology marketing, to project management and business development.
  • Also acquaints future managers with different roles and responsibilities in the E-Commerce industry.
  • Conducts Knowledge Transfer sessions on tools used in businesses such as Excel, SPSS, Clementine, MS Project etc.

Events and Competitions

Inter-College Competitions

Samahva - the IT Paper Writing Competition : Samahava is the flagship event of Systemix, conducted as part of IIFT’s annual management and cultural festival, Quo Vadis. It is an IT white paper writing competition were the participating tem needs to come up with an abstract of a research paper on a given theme based on real life IT issues faced by various industries. Every year we see a huge participation by candidates from top B-schools across the country.

Operazor, 2012: Operazor was a flagship event conducted by Systemix in the year 2012 as part of IIFT’s annual management and cultural festival, Quo Vadis, in association with Cognizant Business Consulting, with a chance for the participants to win prizes worth Rs. 50,000/-.

Nokia Greenmark, 2011 : GreenMark is a case study competition that has been sponsored by Nokia which will test analytical skills and problem solving abilities of the participants. The case study will focus on the environmental challenges faced during the disposal of electronic goods in India.

Intra-College Competitions

Genesys : A competition conducted by Systemix club for the participants to carry out a comprehensive analysis on the impact that technology advancement has over different sectors (Automobile, Agriculture, Banking, Energy, Insurance, Retail, Healthcare and Pharma, FMCG, Telecom, Trade and Logistics) over the past decade. This is an intra-college competition where the participants need to do a thorough analysis of any chosen sector with a mind on technological challenges and opportunities.

Techtonix : An In-House magazine of IIFT prepared by the editors of Systemix Club provides exciting articles from the field of Information technology and E-Commerce - highlighting the latest trends and innovations going on around in these sectors.

Student Portal : – IIFT Student Portal was launched by Systemix Club of 12-14 and acts as the primary interface for current students, student bodies and prospective students. Regular updates about the events being hosted at IIFT campus and other regular information about the activities in IIFT can be obtained from this portal. Also acts as an information repository for current students as materials from every knowledge transfer sessions by the various clubs at IIFT gets uploaded here for future reference.

National IT Conclave : National IT conclave is an annual event conducted by Systemix that intends to provide an opportunity for the students and delegates from the corporate world to be an audience to the crème de la crème of the IT industry and learn about the issues, trends and opportunities involved in this sector.

Other Key speakers at previous IT conclaves include -

  • Mr. Kamal Nath, Hon. Minister of Commerce and Industry, GoI
  • Dr. Ashok Lahiri, Chief Economic Advisor, GoI Mr. Vinod Rai, Comptroller and Auditor General of India
  • Mr. S.K. Roongta, Former Chairman, SAIL
  • Mr. R.S.Sharma, Chairman and MD, NTPC
  • Mr. Ajay Chowdhary, Chairman and CEO, HCL Infosystems
  • Ms. Jessie Paul, CMO, Wipro Technologies
  • Mr. Ashok Wahi, CIO, Spice Group
  • Mr. Thomas Kuruvilla, MD, Middle East, Arthur D’Little, Singapore
  • Mr. V.R. Ferose, MD, SAP Labs
  • Mr. Sanjay Jain, MD Accenture India

Student Achievements

  • Best College Award at Cognizant Business Consulting 2014
  • 2nd Best Summer Intern Award at Cognizant Business Consulting 2014
  • Best Summer Intern Award at Cognizant Business Consulting 2013
  • Best Summer Intern Award at Wipro Group 2013
  • Winner of BiteSys 2013, IIM Shillong presented a white paper on collaboration of BI and IT
  • First Runners Up at Samahva 2013, IIFT Delhi showcasing role of IT for an insurance company
  • 2nd Best Summer Intern Award at Cognizant Business Consulting 2012
  • Two IIFTians in top 10 Best Summer Projects at CBC 2012.
  • Winner of Envision 2011, XIMB for presenting a white paper on ” Future Drivers of IT “
  • First Runners Up at Cognizant Boardoom 2012 with a B-Plan on "Social, Mobility, Analytic's and Cloud Computing (SMAC) and how it impacts business model of IT Consulting firms"
  • Runners up in Nokia GreenMark organised as part of Quo Vadis 2011
  • All India Rank 2 and title of “The Strategist” in national level business simulation contest organized by CBC at top B schools in December 2012
  • PPOs issued by leading recruiters like Wipro, CBC, Flipkart, Technova etc.
  • Summer Internships at leading organisation like, Flipkart, Wipro, HCL, HP, CBC etc.

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