Systemix,The Systems Consulting Club Kolkata

Systemix,The Systems Consulting Club Kolkata

Systemix, the Systems Consulting Club at IIFT, aims at imparting technological knowledge & support to empower the students for the elite profiles in the IT industry and work effectively in the corporate world. The club conducts guest lectures, seminars& workshops on various technologies and roles like Systems Consulting, Technology Marketing, Project Management, Business Development, etc. with respect to the IT industry. The club conducts knowledge transfer sessions on business tools like Excel, SPSS, R, Clementine, MS Project, etc. In association with other clubs, the club also conducts sessions on different technical aspects like Financial Modelling, Marketing Analytics tools, etc. The club also helps the students in learning various presentation tools such as Infographics, Publisher, etc. that help students in the competitions and the corporate world. It also manages a common knowledge repository with students for better learning Newsletter: The club publishes a bi-weekly newsletter to apprise the students about the latest happenings and advancements in the IT industry to keep abreast with the other B-schools.

Events :

  • National IT Conclave–The club conducts National IT Conclave, one of the prestigious event of IIFT, every year, that intends to provide an opportunity for the students and delegates from the corporate world to be an audience to the crème de la crème of the IT industry and an opportunity to learn about the latest issues, trends and opportunities in the sector.
  • Quizzes & Competitions – After all, learning can be incremental when we know where we stand. The club conducts regular quizzes and competitions both internal and external to help students in the process of learning.

  • Email id

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    Karun Raj K 9947466952
    Wahib Waqas 7506166931